Sherlock Favors

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DIY: Sherlock Holmes Favors
July 2014

I recently attended SherlockeDCC  in San Diego during San Diego Comic-Con.  SherlockeDCC is a fan run party and more information can found here.  I volunteered to make some goody bags which were inserted into the main swag bags given to each attendee.  Inside each bag I made was a fan, charm, and a bookmark all handmade by me.  I made 475 bags, and it was a lot of work, almost overwhelmingly so.  All in all, I would say it was worth it.  Below are samplings of a few of the fans I made and some basic instructions.

All the fans were made using a base made from old DVD backer cards from rental stores such as Blockbuster which I purchased off eBay.  These measure 5 1/2\” x 8\” and I cut them down shorter from 8\” to 6\” to get better mileage from standard scrapbook paper sizes. I used the Scotch Quick Dry paper glue for all the pieces, but I used hot glue to attach the handles.  I used 8\” wooden sticks for the handles which were also purchased on eBay (I\’m a bit addicted to eBay).  Most of the shapes and lettering were cut on my Cricut Expression.

Violin Fan:

Background: Blue Cardstock – Recollections brand (sold as individual 12×12 sheets)
Violins: Recollections Cardstock from Spice Market (8 1/2×11 multi-pack)
            Core\’dinations cardstock from Chocolate Lovers (8 1/2×11 multi-pack)*

The violins were cut using the Violin (shift) option on the Quarter Note cartridge (Speed – Medium (2); Pressure – High (3); Blade setting at 4).

The \”221B\” were cut using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, but I forgot to note the sizes and settings.

*The Core\’dinations brand paper in the multi-packs is horrible to use on the Cricut.  It doesn\’t cut very cleanly and I wasted so much time and paper trying to get the violins to cut.

Apple (IOU) Fan:

Background: Recollections Black Damask paper (sold as individual 12×12 sheets)

Apple: Core\’dinatinos \”Hearthrob Red\” (sold as 8 1/2×11 multi-pack)

The apple was cut with the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge using the Roly Poly option at 5\”
Letters \”I\” and \”U\” were cut using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge in Upper Case Shadow at 1\”
The \”O\” was cut using the Circle shape on the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge at 1 3/4\” and hand torn all the way around for an uneven look. (If you\’re not familiar with the show, Moriarty bites into the apple making the \”O\” and uses a small knife to cut the \”I\” and \”U.\”)

Sherlocked Fan:

Background: Recollections black cardstock (sold individually 12×12 sheets)

Letters and Rectangles:  Recollections White or Black cardstock (sold in packs of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets)

Letters and Rectangles are cut using Plantin Schoolbook: Needle: 5; Pressure: High (3); Speed: Medium (2)

\”I AM SHER\” cut all upper case \”regular\” at 1 1/4\”
\”LOCKED\” cut all upper case \”Tall Ball\” at 1 1/4\”
Rectangle cut at 1 3/4 (I hand trimmed the rectangles approximately 1/8\” to fit on the cards)

Crown Fan:

Crown hand fan base for BBC Sherlock themed party favor

Background: Printed repetition of Moriarty quote \”Honey, you should see me in a crown\” on beige paper.
Crown: Recollections Black Shimmer Cardstock (sold individually in 12×12 sheets)

Crown cut using Rock Princess cartridge; Crown1; layer 7 at 3 1/2\”
                   (Speed: Med; Pressure: High; Needle: 5)