Despicable Me Minion Necklace Favors

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DIY: Beaded Despicable Me Minion Necklaces
August 20, 2014
Wooden Minion button used as pendant for a necklace

These necklaces are being included in the favor bags for the birthday of a dear friend’s daughter, who will be turning 6 next month.  Her theme is Despicable me, specifically the Minions, and I posted the Minion Coloring Books I made for the party last week.  I will be posting more Minion party related crafts in the next couple of weeks, I’m sure.  I’m also planning a Hunger Games party, and will have posts related to that party soon, as well.

Blue and Yellow Pony Beads 6mm (35 of each color per necklace)
1mm elastic cord (19-20 inches per necklace)
Optional: some sort of pendant (I used wooden Minion buttons purchased on eBay which I drilled tiny holes at the top of for use as pendants).

The overall length of the necklace is approximately 1 inches not including the pendant.

I alternated the bead colors and triple knotted the cord and made sure it was tight.  Trim the excess cord and attach pendant if desired.  I used 8mm split rings to attach the buttons to the necklace.

Completed Minion necklace for Despicable Me Party Favor
I also made some bracelets using these same beads and elastic cord, but without the pendant.  I have made 2 sizes for the kids, and will probably make some larger ones for any adults who may want them.
For the smallest size I used 10 beads of each color; the next larger size (which I’m calling “medium”) I used 12 beads of each size; and if I make the adult/large size I will use 13 or 14 beads of each color.
Happy Crafting!