Despicable Me Minion Birthday Banner Tutorial

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DIY: Despicable Me Minion Birthday Banner
September 14, 2014
Completed DIY Purple Minion Despicable Me Birthday Banner
Completed “Birthday” section of Purple Minion Banner
Munchkin #2 (my friends’ youngest daughter) prefers the purple Minions over the yellow Minions, I needed to incorporate them into the party.  There is very little out there of the purple Minions so I knew it would have to be handmade.  I decided to make a purple Minion birthday banner.
Clip art or other Minion image printed on cardstock for use as stencil
Pencil or pen for tracing
Paper glue or other adhesive
Letters made with Cricut Plantin Schoolbook cartridge – Bold at 4″
Black Cardstock
Purple Cardstock (used the second lightest in the Recollections Purple Passion 8 1/2 x 11 multi-pack)
Purple Yarn
Black yarn (optional)
Minion image for template
Stencil image cut.
Step 1: Print a Minion image onto cardstock.  I adjusted the size to fill an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet making the image measure approximately 6 1/2″ x 10″.   I laminated the cardstock after printing for extra durability, but this isn’t necessary.  When I make “Happy Birthday” banners for the munchkins, I include their names.  For Munchkin #2, this meant I needed 21 Minions for the letters.
trace minion shape onto cardstock
Pencil tracing (hard to see in the photo).
Step 2: Cut the Minion as a whole piece, and trace the shape onto purple cardstock using a pencil/pen.
cut minion template into various pieces
Step 3: Once I had all 21 base pieces, I cut the stencil so that I had a new stencil for the hands, legs, and overalls.  My image was such that I was able to get these onto one piece.
trace overalls piece onto black or blue cardstock
Step 4: Trace the overalls, legs, and hands onto the black cardstock. I was able to get two per 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of cardstock.
Cut minion body
Cut overalls
Glue overalls to minion body
Step 5:  Cut out all of the pieces, then attach the black pieces onto the purple (liquid glue is best).
Glue pre-cut letters onto minion; here it\'s on the head
Step 6: Cut the letters using the Cricut and glue onto your Minion.  I had initially intended on putting the letters on the overalls, but decided they would have to be too small, so I put them where the face would have been (thus saving me from having to make the faces.)  I also used a liquid glue to attach the letters.
Punch hole at top of head and string several strands of yarn for hair
Yarn Hair added – Pre-tease
brush out yarn to make it stand up
Yarn Hair after some teasing.
Step 7:  Using the 3/16″ punch on my Crop-A-Dile, I put one hole at the top of each Minion and strung 5 – 8″ long strands of purple yarn through the hole. I tied a simple single knot in the yarn.  I used an old brush to tease and frizz the yarn (it still needs a little work, but I have other projects to get to for this party.)
Some tangling
Step 8: I made a braided yarn rope to string the banner together.  Each word is on a separate rope since they are quite large.  I used 2 strands of purple and 1 strand of black yarn for each braid.  Measurements are:
“Happy” – Cut 7ft lengths of yarn and ended with an approximately 4 1/2 foot long braid + 12 inch “tassle” on each end.
“Birthday” and “Serenity” – Cut 9ft lengths of yarn and ended with an approximately 6 foot braid + 12″ “tassle” on each end.
NOTE:  When braiding such long lengths, be sure to “comb out” the yarn very often to keep it from getting tangled and knotted.
Paper clip placed just under knot between tassle and braid.
Sliding the paper clip under the hair knot.
Step 9: To attach the rope, I used a small paper clip to slide the braid through the knot holding the hair in place.  The paper clip makes it easy to pull the braid under the knot (like a needle and thread).
This weekend I’m trying out something a bit different for a decoration for the Minion party.   I hope it turns out how I’m picturing it in my head.  Stay tuned!