FlashBack Friday : DIY Tangled Rapunzel Braid

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DIY: Tangled Rampunzel Braid
September 5, 2014

I made these two years ago for Munchkin #2’s Rapunzel/Tangled themed 4th birthday party, but I never wrote up a tutorial so this is all based on memory.  I basically took two different tutorials and used what I knew I could do with my limited skills and budget.

Completed DIY Rapunzel Braids from the movie, Tangled.
Fnished braids at the party

Munchkin #2 wanted a Rapunzel themed birthday party based on her obsession of that moment, the movie Tangled. I had not seen the movie (I watched it after I was told of her theme), so I immediately searched Pinterest for ideas.

Yellow Yarn (I used Caron brand One Pound skein)
Headband (Dollar Tree – 3 or 4 for $1)
Glue Gun and sticks
Optional: “silk” flowers, ribbon, acrylic jewels, glitter glue
Wrapping plastic headband in yellow yarn
Beginning headband wrap
yarn wrapped headband
Headband wrap complete
Step 1: Using hot glue, wrap the headband with the yarn, being sure to securely glue the end.  You don\’t have to glue the entire length, but gluing at intervals keeps the wrap tight and is beneficial if you accidentally let go.  Once that\’s complete, set it aside and work on the braid.
Step 2:  Cut 30 (this number is great because it’s divisible for exactly even number of strands for the two different ways this braid is done)strands of yarn 9 feet in length.  Once these are cut, I tied a scrap piece of yarn about 12 -18″ from center. I began braiding the longer end for about another 18″.
Partially braided yarn attached to headband
You can\’t see the bottom, but the entire length of yarn is centered around the headband.
Step 3: Place the braid around the headband (see photo above.)  Center the headband so that the braid covers the length of the headband, and the both ends are the same length.  Once this is done, hot glue the braid onto the headband.
continue braid around headband
Braid glued to headband and braid extends past each end by a few inches.
Step 4: Once the braid is hot glued to the headband, continue to braid each side separately a few inches on each side.  This is so that the child\’s head will be able to fit into the braid.  Once you have the size you desire, combine all of the strands together (remove the scrap yarn on each side—I then tie both sides together so that they stay tight and braided while I work on the thicker, single braid).  Braid the rest of the length of the yarn.
Step 5: Use a scrap piece of yarn at the end of the braid to finish it off. Trim any excessively long strands, desired.
Optional:  Hot glue silk flowers, acrylic gems, etc.
Faux flower heads
Flower head stash
I already had a stash of flower heads due to a previous craft project where I only needed the stems (which will be posted someday.) I did supplement my stash with some smaller flowers purchased at my local Dollar Tree. I used glitter glue on the center of some of the flowers, hot glued acrylic gems onto other centers, and left some the way they were.
First completed Rapunzel braid
Hot glue the flowers all over the braid.  I was able to get about 5 braids from the One Pound skein using the measurements in this tutorial.  Some of the lengths varied because of how tight or loose I made the braid.  Tighter isn’t really better if you are going for the full look of Rapunzel’s braid in Tangled.