DIY: Despicable Me Minion Lights

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DIY Minion Lights
September 9, 2014
Completed Despicable Me Minion lights
I saw these Minion candy egg favors on Pinterest for a Despicable Me birthday party, and while I loved the idea, I wanted to do something a little different.  They always have Pinatas for the munchkins’ birthday parties, so I don’t want to add more candy to the mix.  So I came up with the idea of using Easter eggs to create Minion lights.  There was much (many hours worth) trial and error to figure out how to attach the eggs to the light string, but I\’m satisfied with the result.
Plastic Eggs (blue, yellow, purple)
Hot glue
String of lights
Black spray paint
Black Sharpie pen
Googly/Wiggle eyes
yellow, blue and purple plastic easter eggs
Yellow, Blue and Purple Eggs
The eggs I bought were on the small side (about 2″ tall), but the price was right since I needed such a large quantity.  I used an old (non-LED) string of white/clear Christmas lights which had 100 lights.  I made 50 yellow and 50 purple Minions alternating between the two across the string.  I enlisted the help of the munchkins’ parents since it was getting close to party day, and I had a lot to do (and hadn’t really started on my niece’s birthday party stuff which is the Saturday after munchkin #2’s birthday party).  I used both halves of the eggs so some of the Minions look a little odd, but I felt it was best to utilize as much of each egg as possible.
Step 1:
Black eggs appear to be non-existent so I took 25 eggs of the other colors from the packages I bought (green, pink, and orange) and spray painted them black.  Actually, the Munchkins’ dad painted them with some spray paint he had on hand so I don’t know what type or brand he used.
Step 2:
Holes were drilled into the top of all the yellow and purple egg halves.  The largest drill bit I had was still slightly small to get the egg over the light, so I made two small cuts at the hole.
paint or draw black line around top half of yellow egg halves
Holes drilled and Black lines drawn
Step 3:
Using a black Sharpie, I drew a black line around the entire Minion head.
Glue Googly/wiggle eyes to yellow halves on the black lines
Eyes attached
Step 4:
Attach the wiggle eyes using hot glue.  The Minions randomly had either 1 eye or 2 eyes.
purple minion light
yellow minion light
Step 5 &6:
Push the Minion heads onto the lights (takes a bit of effort).  Then attach the blue halves to the yellow and the black halves to the purple.
Now you have your own Minion lights!  I’m not 100% happy with the result, but I do like they way they turned out.
Completed Despicable Me Minion lights lit up
Finished Minion lights all lit up!
The Munchkins were asleep by the time we finished these, so they won’t see them until they are hung up at the party.