Baby Sock Bouquet Tutorial

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Baby Sock Bouquet Tutorial
September 10, 2014 
2 completed bouquets made from baby socks wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon
2 sock bouquets wrapped and ready to give.

When friends have babies, I like to give them baby sock bouquets just because I think they are so cute!! These are also great if you are on a tight budget.  It had been a long time since any close friends or co-workers had any babies until now so it had been many years since I’ve made these.  Luckily, my work BFF just had a beautiful baby boy, and I had made her this sock bouquet for her shower (which was in July).  

Below I list the basic supplies and instructions to make your very own bouquets. Warning: your friends may not ever use them so as to not destroy the gorgeous bouquet! 

Silk flower bouquets (make sure they have an even number of stems or buy two) – Dollar Tree
Floral tape
Floral wire
Baby socks
Tissue paper and ribbon – Optional

Supplies: silk flowers, floral wire and tape, baby socks
The wire in the picture isn’t floral wire, though purchased in the floral section of Michael’s.

Step 1:
Remove the flower heads (but leave the leaves–heehee) from the stems (you can save these for use on other crafts like this Tangled Rapunzel braid I posted previously), and push the leaves down the stem to make it easier to manage.

remove flowers from stems
Flowers removed.

Step 2: 
Take 1 sock or a pair of socks (depends on thickness) and wrap around the top of the stem.  This can be done two ways, without doubling as in the photo below:

begin wrapping sock around stem
Beginning single wrap

or fold the sock lengthwise and wrap keeping the stem in between the folds as in the photo below.

Finishing the sock wrap around the stem
Halfway with double wrap.

Step 3:
At the end of wrap, fold the cuff down (this is tricky so use your judgement to see what looks best—depends on type and thickness of socks) below the bottom of the wrapped sock. Wrap with a piece of floral wire to keep the sock in place.

Secure sock to stem with a bit of floral wire
Folded cuff of double wrapped sock.

Step 4:
Wrap the base of the sock flower, being sure to cover the wire, with floral tape.  Floral tape is slightly sticky and very stretchy so use this to your advantage.

Cover bottom of sock flower with floral tape
Floral taped flower bud.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 for all of the socks and/stems.  Once all of your stems have flowers on them, push the leaves up closer to the sock flowers.

Completed bouquet

I always wrap the bouquets in gift tissue and tie a ribbon around them since they are gifts.