Throwback Thursday: Hello Kitty Ears Headband Tutorial

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Throwback Thursday: DIY Hello Kitty Headband
September 11, 2014

Two years ago, Munchkin #1 had a Hello Kitty themed 5th birthday party. I was in charge of invitations (as always), plus I made a birthday banner, other decorations, and Hello Kitty headbands for the guests to wear.

Completed DIY Hello Kitty ears headband
Hello Kitty ears headband

Headbands (Dollar Tree)
White yarn or ribbon (not needed if headbands are white)
Craft Felt – Black, White, and other colors as you choose
Hot glue
3 Hello Kitty pictures for template -sized for headbands

Step 1:
Wrap headbands in white yarn, adhering with hot glue.  Glue the ends securely, and randomly as you wrap.

Plastic headbands pre-decorating
Headbands before yarn wrap.
Headbands after wrapping in white yarn
Headbands after yarn wrap.

Step 2:
Take one of your Hello Kitty pictures and fold at the bottom of the ears. Only cut the ears out to use as a template for cutting the white felt ears with.  Cut the bow from the second picture for a template to cut the black felt background of the bow.  Cut the bow color sections from the third picture for the color part of the bows.

Hello Kitty image used as template
Cut the bow pieces and ear pieces from the image
The templates for the felt pieces.

Step 3:
Cut all felt pieces.  I marked the paper templates as left ear, right ear, etc. so I would know where the felt pieces were supposed to go.

Step 4: 
Glue the color pieces of the bow onto the black bow base.

Finished felt bow
Completed hot pink bows.
Hello Kitty Bows in various colors
Four of the five colors of bows I made for the party.

Step 5:
Glue the ears on, by placing the headband between the ear “flap” pieces.  I placed hot glue on the main ear section and pressed them together.  Then I put a spot of glue on the headband and pressed the ear flaps towards the headband to prevent the ears from moving.

Gluing felt ears to headband
Hot glue on the headband between the ear flaps.
one ear completely attached
both felt ears attached to the headband
Both ears attached.

Step 6:
Hot glue a bow onto the left ear (on your right).

Use hot glue to attach felt bow to ears
Initially glue the center of the bow and add glue to sections once placed on the ear.
Competed Hello Kitty Headband
Completed headband.

I really wanted to post this tutorial because despite what Sanrio says, Hello Kitty IS A CAT!!!