Hunger Games 16th Birthday Party – Favors & Games

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DIY: Hunger Games Themed Birthday Party 
Favors and Games
September 22, 2014

My youngest niece LOVES The Hunger Games (books and movies), and I really like them, too.  Last year, she was talking with a friend of mine about how she would like to have a Hunger Games party.  So since she turned 16 this year, I threw her one.  The party was this past Saturday at a park somewhat close to where she lives.  Thankfully, the ridiculous heat wave broke a few days before the party so we weren’t dealing with triple digit weather.  Almost everyone (except the few of my friends who came) were about 2 hours late to the party. Ugh!  I\’m just going to forget about that and focus on the crafts and party itself.

I was in a mad rush to get everything done since I had been also working on a Minion party for Munchkin #2, but since I’d been brainstorming since last September, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do.

First, the goody/favor bags:

DIY: Mockingjay logo tote bags
Semi-Completed bag

These bags should have been filled it, but with 50 to make, I ran out of time and was only able to get the outlines done.

The bags were purchased on eBay, I first printed and cut the Mockinjay image from cardstock and used this as the stencil.

Cut the Mockingjay template

Then I traced the image onto the bag with a pen (use whatever will work for your bag).

Mockingjay traced onto tote bag
Pen tracing

Then I went over the lines with Tulip brand dimensional fabric paint in Metallic Gold.

DIY Hunger Games themed Mockingjay tote bag
Arrow Pencil Favor:
Felt fletching attached to black pencil
Arrow Pencil Favor
I purchased black wood pencils and cut arrow “fletching” from black felt and used either hot glue or tacky glue (I did about half and half) to attach the felt to the pencil.
Arrow Candy Favor:
DIY: Pixy Stix straw arrows
Finished Arrows

I found these 18\” black plastic straws on eBay.  I filled with 2 Pixy Stix straws (purchased at my local Dollar Tree) in each black straw.  These straws could have held 3 Pixy Stix each, but I felt that two was more than plenty of sugar.

Using flat nosed pliers from my jewelry making tools, and a candle, I sealed one end of the straw.
Sealing plastic straw end
Carefully seal the straw by melting the plastic.

This creates quite a professional looking seal.

Sealed straw

I traced a fletching shape onto black cardstock. Then attached using my ATG.

Cardstock fletching.

Other favors:

District 11 Fruit Snack favors
District 11 Fruit Snacks
Catching Fire Balls (Fire ball candies) favors
Catching Fire Balls
District 4 fish favors (Swedish fish candy)
District 4 Fish
District 2 warheads favors
District 2 Warheads
District 1 ring pops favors
District 1 Ring Pops
Hunger Games Lanyards and DIY name badges
Name Badges (Lanyards purchased on eBay)

I also made some notepads for District 7 as seen here.
Quote Fans:
DIY hand fans with Hunger Games movie quotes - Effie Trinket
Effie Trinket Quotes
DIY hand fans with Hunger Games movie quotes - Peeta Mellark
Peeta Mellark Quotes
DIY hand fans with Hunger Games movie quotes - Katniss Everdeen
Katniss Everdeen Quotes
More Katniss Quotes
Johanna and Finnick Quotes

Expecting a much warmer day, I made some fans to keep everyone cool.  I had quotes from Katniss, Effie, Finnick, Peeta, Cinna, Boggs, Johanna, Gale, and President Snow.

I also made a bunch of necklaces, phone charms, bracelets, and keyrings for the Hob.
Tracker Jacker game:
 For the games, we did a Tracker Jacker Chase (I got the idea here.)  There were 5 teams (each with a different color sticker) and the teams with the least number of stings/stickers, won, and the team with the most stings/stickers on everyone also won.  I made tickets in 10, 5 and 1.  Everyone who participated got a “1” ticket, winners a “10” and second place got a “5”.
Tracker Jacker game
tracker jacker game
After the Tracker Jacker chase, we moved on to archery.  I had made a couple of bows following a few tutorials I found on Pinterest (taking bits from two or 3 different blogs) last year for the Marvel’s Avengers party I had.  I made a few more bows and arrows. I let the kids practice for 10 -15 minutes to get used to using these bows, then they had to shoot at a target to get tickets.
I’ll post more on the archery another day as well as the jewelry I made for the Hob where the kids “purchased” these items using their tickets.