DIY: Paper Chandelier

3-D Paper Chandelier Tutorial
October 12, 2014
Completed DIY Paper Chandelier
Completed chandelier

I had made two of these chandeliers for Munchkin #1’s birthday last year which was a Hotel Transylvania theme (see invites I made here).  I received a request last week to make 1 or 2 of these on commission.  They wanted the exact same ones which I had made for the party.  I had to make this completely from memory as I hadn’t written down how I had made these.

4 Sheets – Recollection black glitter cardstock 12×12 (these are black glitter on 1 side and plain white on the backside.)
Cricut Expression size machine and Summer in Paris Cartridge
              Speed: Medium
              Pressure: Max
              Needle: 6
              Size: 10 1/2″ (this is max size I could get on the page)
Glue gun
String, ribbon or wire (I used 26 gauge wire I had on hand)
Crop-A-Dile or other hole punch
Black paint or glitter glue
1st cut pieces as “normal”
Piece 2 cut as normal (top) and flip (bottom)
Step 1:
Cut 1 of each piece at above settings on your Cricut.  Then cut 1 of each piece using the “flip” option.  Since this is a 3D object, all sides will be visible so you need to cover the white backside of this cardstock.
Piece 2 glued together
Step 2:
Glue Chandelier1 pieces together (be careful NOT to glue the slit at the top closed.)
Glue Chandelier2 pieces together (again, be careful NOT to glue the slit at the bottom closed.)
Step 3:
No photo of this, sorry.  You can still see white edges, so you can ink (not as effective in this case), paint or use glitter glue to cover the white edges.  I didn’t have enough black glitter glue on hand, and only had some “Slick” dimensional fabric paint in black on hand so that’s what I used.  I squeezed a generous amount of the paint onto a paper plate and painted any white areas (not the slits since I would fix those once assembled) with a very small paint brush.
Hot gluing the pieces together.
Step 4:
Slide Chandelier1 and Chandelier2 pieces together.  The thickness of the pieces makes this a bit difficult so be patient and gentle.  Once they are in position, use hot glue to attach the loose slits to the solid pieces.  Other glues could be used, but you have to firmly hold the pieces together while it dries.  Your glue gun is your best friend for this project! I found that the white didn’t show up much once glued, so I only had a few spots to cover up with the black paint.
Holes punched
Step 5:
Punch two holes at the top of the chandelier (I did this on the piece which sits higher than the other) for attaching ribbon or string for hanging. Attach ribbon or string and your done!  If using wire, see below for a quick tutorial on making a wire spring.
Use a dowel and floral wire to make a spring
Wrap wire tightly around dowel, keeping the wire scrunched together
Step 6 (Optional):
Using a wire spring gives the chandelier movement and makes hanging flexible as you can extend the chandelier lower by stretching out the wire. I used 26 gauge wire which I had on hand and made a spring by wrapping the wire about 30 times (I didn’t count, just went by eyeball measurement of how long I wanted it) around a wooden dowel.  You’ll want to stop every few wraps and twist/tighten the wire around the dowel while sliding it down the dowel together. See the second photo for what I mean.
attached spring to chandelier
Step 7:
Extend one end of the spring and loop it through both holes in the chandelier.
You\’re done!
This is a perfect project for some Halloween party decor!

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  1. There are two parts to the chandelier: one has the slit at the top and the other has the slit on the bottom. I had to cut two of each since the back side of the paper I used was white. I used the \”flip\” button to cut the pieces to cover the white backside of the paper. I hope this helps.


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