DIY: Frozen Snowflake Birthday Banner

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DIY: Frozen Themed Snowflake Birthday Banner
October 14, 2014
1 completed diy snowflake for the Frozen themed birthday banner
Close-up of finished snowflake banner piece
I have been making the birthday banners for the Munchkins for a few years now and I always add their names.  For Munchkin #1’s Frozen themed birthday, I made use of supplies I already had on hand and was able to cut all of the letters from scraps from the Frozen Invitations I had made.
Other supplies:
Laminating sheets (I used 3mm since it’s what I had, but thicker would have been much better)
Heat laminating machine
Buffalo Snow iridescent snowflakes
Cardstock (see Frozen Invitations post for cardstock used)
Ribbon or string
Crop-A-Dile or hole punch
Glue gun
Cricut “When It’s Cold Outside” cartridge
        “Snowflake 5b” shape at 8 3/4″
         Speed: Medium
         Pressure: Max
         Needle: 5
         “Plantin Schoolbook” cartridge for letters
             Regular – 4″ on blue shimmer cardstock
             Shadow – 4″ on white shimmer cardstock
          Speed: Medium
          Pressure: High
          Blade: 5
Step 1:
Open laminating sheets and sprinkle snowflakes inside.  These do not cut well on the Cricut, so try to have the flakes evenly and loosely spread.
Laminated sheet with faux snow
Step 2:
Laminate the sheets.
Steps 3 & 4:
Once all of the sheets are laminated, start cutting snowflakes according to the settings above.  Then cut the letters needed according to settings listed above.  I don’t have a photos of this, sorry.
Cut laminated sheet using Cricut into snowflake shape
Step 5:
Glue letters together with your favorite adhesive.  Then glue finished letters to the laminate snowflakes with a glue gun.
Glue Letters cut with Cricut to snowflakes
Step 6:
Punch holes in snowflake (I did it in the “points” immediately to the left and to the right of the center “point”) with a Crop-A-Dile or other hole punch.  My holes were cut with the Crop-A-Dile’s 3/16 hole punch. String the banner together with string or ribbon.  I used 5/8\” sheer white ribbon I had on hand.  Since this is a very large/long banner, I string the words separately.  This is very handy if you don’t know where or how banner will be hung.  The words could be hung vertically over each other or lengthwise across a long patio cover (as we did).  We use the support posts of the patio cover as the separation point between the words and tied the ribbon to the posts.