DIY: Snowflake Lights for Frozen Party

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Frozen Themed Party: DIY Snowflake lights 
October 20, 2014


I had found some snowflake lights online, but I really didn’t want to spend $20+ for them. So I took an old set of clear/white Christmas lights (non-LED) I had and used my Cricut Expression to cut snowflake shapes to attach to the lights.  I apologize for the lack of photos, but clear laminate is extremely difficult to photograph well.
Supplies used:
3 mil laminating sheets
Glue Gun
String of Christmas lights
Glimmer mist in blue (optional)
Step 1:
Laminate your sheets together.  For the the snowflakes I cut with the Wrap It Up cartridge, I had sprayed the inside of the sheets with blue glimmer mist and let them dry completely before cutting. The blue isn’t noticeable, so I would either skip this step or spray several coats.
Step 2:
The string of lights I had here was contained 100 lights so I cut 100 snowflakes of each type so there were 200 snowflakes were cut in total.
 “Wrap It Up” Cricut cartridge.
Pg. 68 Snowflake at 2 3/4″
Speed: Med.
Pressure: Max
Needle: 5
“When It’s Cold Outside” Cricut Cartridge
Snowflake 5b at 2 3/4″
Speed: Med.
Pressure: Max
Needle: 5
Step 3:
Hot glue 2 Wrap It Up snowflakes to each other, leaving a section open so that light bulb will slide inside.  Repeat this for the When It’s Cold Outside snowflakes.
Dab of hot glue on one side of light bulb.
Hot glue opposite side of light.
Snowflake attachment complete.
Step 4:
Apply a little hot glue to the plastic which holds the light bulb in place and place the light inside one of the snowflakes (I alternated the different types).  Then apply hot glue to the opposite side.  The glue holds well, but not permanently due to the slippery nature of the laminating sheets, so it would be possible to use the lights again without the snowflakes on them.
These tangle quite easily, so they were fun to transport and untangle at the party site. I’m not too happy with the result (I wish the blue was brighter), but Munchkin #1 and her parents loved them.
Hanging at the party site. (Photo taken with camera flash)
DIY Snowflake lights lit up at the party
Hanging at the party site. (Photo taken without flash)