Marvel Avengers Party Ideas

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DIY: Avengers Party Ideas
November 18, 2014
DIY: Marvel Avengers logo tote bag
Avengers Tote Bag

Last year I threw myself a big birthday party, the kind of party kids have.  I had the party at the beautiful Los Encinos State Historic Park.

I also made some PVC bows and arrows using this tutorial, but I didn\’t curve the PVC as I found they worked better (arrows shot much farther) if I left them straight. This meant they didn\’t look like bows, but they worked so that\’s what was important to me. I also used pencil top erasers as the \”arrow\” and that also worked well.  

I made a Hulk Smash Box similar to this, but I used one of the boxes I had received from ordering all the candy favors online. I used white foam core board and cut holes in the cardboard box and the foam core and sandwiched green tissue paper between them. I put small prizes inside. 

DIY Hulk smash prize box
\”Smashing\” the Hulk Smash Box.

Here are a few of the favors I made for each of the guests at the party. I made sure there were things specific for kids, too.

I got this cheeky idea for Black Widow favors.

Wax Lips candy

 I also made arrow straws filled with Pixy Stix.  I don\’t have a picture of them, but I made them again for my niece\’s Hunger Games birthday party seen here. I also made black arrow pens gluing felt to form the fletching.

Using the freezer paper stencil technique, see this tutorial, I made these shirts for prizes. 

DIY painted Iron Man t-shirt
Iron Man shirt

DIY painted Hulk t-shirt
Hulk Shirt

Avengers Logo t-shirt
Avengers \”A\” Logo shirt

Captain America Star shirt

Tony Stark gave the 100 Grand bars. 

 Tony also had \”Tony Stark Party Bags\” which were 6×9\” red satin drawstring favor bags containing a deck of cards, 2 red dice, and golden and red casino chips.

SHIELD Warheads

Tesseract Cubes (cotton candy flavored rock candy) which I had to label since it looked like it was from Breaking Bad.

DIY Marvel Avengers Matchbook notepad favors
These are the first matchbook style notebooks I made.

DIY: Marvel Avengers Coloring book favors
Coloring Books

Captain America Tootsie Rolls

Tesseract Bracelets

The Hershey\’s Kisses were given to me by a friend as leftovers from the candy bar at her son\’s Bar Mitzvah.  I cut a bunch of small boxes with my Cricut and placed 1 kiss per box.  I tried to use Avengers colors (Green-Hulk, Deep Red – Thor, Yellow – Iron Man, etc.) 

I printed a pumpkin carving stencil onto cardstock to use as a stencil to paint the \”A\” logo onto the tote bags which I gave to each of the guests to hold all of their goodies.

 I first traced the image using a gold pen (to show up on the black bag), then covered that outline in dimensional fabric paint in silver metallic.  Then I filled in the logo with soft fabric paint in silver metallic. The paints I used were Tulip brand.

Gold tracing

Dimensional paint

Fill in with \”soft\” style fabric paint.

 I also made Avengers bookmarks, and I still have some of those, I don\’t have a picture of them. 

DIY Avengers Logo tote bag autographed by Jeremy Renner
I saved a bag for myself and was able to get Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) to sign it at the Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles Premiere!