DIY Mickey Mouse Ears Headband

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DIY Mickey Mouse Ears Headband
November 25, 2014
I made this headband as a joke for a friend when I was making the Hello Kitty Ear Headbands.  This turned out really well and was very easy and fast to make.

DIY Mickey Mouse ears headband

Headband (this was from a 4-pack at the Dollar Tree)
Black Craft Felt (9×12” sheet used here)
Glue gun
Mickey Mouse head template (readily available online)
Black yarn if your headband isn’t black

Step 1:
Download and print a Mickey Mouse head on regular copy/printer paper in the size you want for your head. Cut the ears out leaving a tab at the bottom (See picture)

Mickey Mouse Head Template

Step 2:
Fold the felt and place the “tab” at the bottom of the ear along the fold. You can pin the paper to the felt to make it easier to cut. Cut the felt with scissors using the paper as your guide.  Once cut, open up the felt and it will resemble a figure “8” or dumbbell. 

Cut ear

If your headband is black, skip to Step 4

Step 3:
Wrap the headband with black yarn attaching the starting end with hot glue and gluing every few inches for extra security. Once the entire headband is wrapped in the black yarn, use hot glue to secure the end of the yarn and headband.  Trim excess yarn.

Step 4:
Fold ears around the headband (use the original template for spacing), and add hot glue to the center “tab” area to secure it to the underside of the headband.  Add hot glue around the edge of the ear and at the topside of the headband.  Press the ear sides together and down towards the headband to secure.  Repeat on the other side.

Ears attached to headband
Use template for proper spacing of ears.

Hot glue the ears
First ear attached.

This is a quick and inexpensive craft which is perfect for that trip to the Disney Parks, or a Halloween costume, or for use as a photo booth prop.  Add a felt or fabric bow for Minnie Mouse!

Voila! Mickey Mouse Ears headband is complete!