DIY Fleece Pajama Pants by a non-seamstress

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Easy sew fleece pants
December 26, 2014

inside out hand sewn fleece pants in Marvel Avengers fabric.

I have no idea how to use a sewing machine, but I had this fabulous Marvel\’s Avengers fleece fabric I had bought (it\’s discontinued and I purchased my yardage on eBay for a ridiculous price) over a year ago.  I had considered using it to make a no-sew blanket or a simple throw pillow, but I recently found this tutorial on Pinterest and knew I had found my project!

Use current pajama pants and paper to make a pattern.

1. I used a pair of flannel pajama pants to create the pattern as instructed in the tutorial.  I had saved some packing paper from some packages I had received, and used some to make the pattern.  The pants I used are a little snug so I made the pattern about 1\” around to make the fleece pants roomier.  Otherwise, use the standard 1/4\” seam allowance, plus extra for the hem at the legs.  Cut the paper pattern out.

Pattern on top of  the folded fabric.

2.  Fold the fabric over and place the pattern paper with the straight side along the fold.  Then cut along the paper.  You can pin the paper to the fabric to keep the pattern from shifting while you cut.

Cut pant legs
Opened leg, right side up.

opened leg, wrong side up

3. Once both legs are cut, open one of the legs and place flat right side up.  Open up the second leg and place on top of the first leg facing wrong side up.  Place pins around the edges.

Legs pinned together

My really sloppy hand-stitching

Almost finished.

4.  Stitch along the edges.  I folded the bottom of the legs about 1 inch, pinned and stitched.  I did the same for the waist, then cut two slits at the front.  I used some stretchy cording from an old pair of sweatpants for my waist tie.  I didn\’t have elastic on hand, and didn\’t prefer a tie waist anyway.

The pants turned out much, much better than I anticipated.  Someday, I will learn how to use the old sewing machine a friend gave me, but these pants only took a few hours.  The pants may not be perfectly sewn, but they are extremely comfortable and perfect for wearing to bed.

This project is proof that you don\’t need to have skills to make something fun and useful.