OSCARS 2013 Fan Experience – Part 1

OSCARS Fan Experience 
Part 1: Entry, Odds, Paperwork

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I’ve always wanted to sit on the red carpet for the Oscars since I was little watching the event on TV.  I’d had been entering the contest for about 2 years, and the third time was the charm for me as I won seats in the Bleachers for The 85th Academy Awards held on February 24, 2013. 

Entering the lottery:
Regsister at Oscars.org for to be on the Insider mailing list.  They will notify you when the contest is open for entry (usually in September).  The contest usually is open until early/mid-November, and it’s open worldwide, one entry per person.  I’ve heard that in past years, the lottery was only open for 1 week, so get that entry in as soon as you can!  For the 2014 Oscars, they didn’t do a lottery, and used their social media accounts for picking winners (I hated that system and I’m glad they went back to the lottery system for this year’s Oscars.) 

Odds of winning:
VERY LOW.  There are 700 winners (two seats per winner – not transferable) out of approximately 20,000 entries.  There is no accommodations or transportation provided. 

Notification and paperwork:
About a week or so of the lottery closing, I received a very generic email saying I was chosen for seats to the 85th Academy Awards Bleachers Seats.  I didn’t tell anyone at that time because it seemed too generic and I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  It did state that I would be contacted in a few weeks with further information.  I did get another email about 2 weeks later with a person’s name and contact information attached.  There will be lots of email communication for the next few weeks as you are required to complete release forms, background check forms, and to supply a passport-type photo. 

There are also emails for a survey or two and an RSVP form for the viewing party held at the El Capitan Theater to watch the telecast live.  RSVP for this ASAP as there are more bleacher seats than there are theater seats!

One email was inquiring about participating in press/promotional events during the red carpet which I was “Absolutely!”  (More on that in my post about the day of events.)

The event coordinator who will be the one sending most of the emails will also set up a private, winners-only, Facebook group for winners to get to know each other since many will be coming from out of the country (some for their first trip to America).  I live in Los Angeles and go to the Hollywood and Highland Center area fairly often (more so since that February), so I was able to give some great information on the public transportation (not really an option since many of the streets are closed for several blocks on Oscar Sunday), and weather.


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  1. Hi I just got a email that I won tickets but I want to make sure that it's legit. Did they ask you to mail a photo in & also was the background check on a google form? Any help would be good. thanks


  2. Yes. The photo will be on your identification badge at the event. Security is very high for the Oscars, everyone, including the celebrities go through bag checks and metal detectors at the event as well. and Congratulations!!


  3. I wish I was going! It's very difficult to win seats on the red carpet. I won once after several years of trying. I still keep trying every year. Have a great time!


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