OSCARS 2013 Fan Experience – Part 3

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OSCARS 2013 Fan Experience

Part 3 – Hollywood and Highland Visit 
2 days before Oscar Sunday

View of Oscars 2013 red carpet being set up from the 3rd level of the Hollywood and Highland Center.

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The Friday before the Oscars, my friend, Elizabeth, and I went to the Hollywood & Highland Center to see some of the set up for the Oscars.  The bleachers were up by then (you can see the Hollywood Blvd. webcam here which I watched some of the preparations during the week), and there is still access to the mall so we walked around taking pictures.  Little did we know we also saw the bleacher section in which we would be sitting that Sunday. You won’t know your seat assignment until you get your lanyard Sunday morning.

Here are some pictures from across the street from the H&H Center.

Signs advertising the Oscars at Hollywood and Highland Center
Sign at corner of Hollywood and Highland

View of street (this is just below the sign in picture of above)

Entrance to the Hollywood and Highland Center decorated for the 2013 Oscars
The is the end of the Red Carpet where the stars enter the mall to reach the Dolby Theatre.

Better view of the gorgeous gold curtain hung especially for the OSCARS

Ironically, our seats are just under the window (Sephora) on right end of this photo.

This overhang is where E! and other tv shows would be televising their red carpet coverage. I had always thought they were in a studio.  This is to the left of the Dolby Theatre gold curtain (see the pictures above).

This statue is outside one of the entrances to the Dolby Theater.  
Oscar statuette covered in plastic and in place near the Dolby Theatre

The red carpet is already laid out inside the mall leading to the Dolby, but it’s covered in plastic to keep it from getting too dirty from all of the tourists/shoppers.

We went to the top level of the Hollywood and Highland Center to better see the set up.

This is close to where the stars will enter the red carpet.

You can see the stairs to enter this section of bleachers.

This clear cover is the only area which is covered. Great to be here if it\’s raining, terrible if it\’s not (heard it gets very hot and stuffy under the cover.)

Better view of the covered bleacher section

Little did we know we would be sitting in front of that palm tree and window.

The black risers are where the press would be.  The signs indicate the organization.  As you can see, they are squeezed into very small squares.
Security Tent where even the celebrities will go through metal detectors
This tent is where everyone who gets to go into the Dolby Theatre goes through security; metal detectors and all.