Viewing Party – OSCARS 2013 Fan Experience – Pt. 7

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Oscars 2013 Fan Experience 
Part 7: OSCARS Viewing Party

Those of us who had RSPV’d for the viewing party were escorted from the Bleachers across the street to the El Capitan (where they told us no pictures).   

Elizabeth took this picture of me as we were walking across Hollywood Blvd., and the people behind us started to take pictures, too, and were told \”No photography.\”  Ooops!
I\'m in front of the guest entrance to the Oscars Red carpet!
This picture wasn\’t supposed to happen. 
You can see the entrance the stars took to get into the security check area prior to appearing on the red carpet.

There were buckets of popcorn and bottled soda or water ,which is how the El Capitan sells their concessions.  There was a food for dinner as well, but I can’t even remember what it was.

Elizabeth and I got our popcorn and soda and went to find our seats.  The telecast was already starting, and we took turns to get food.  I managed to get food and back to my seat during the opening monologue, so I completely missed the opening number.  Later, they had ice cream and condiments to make our own ice cream sundaes, so I went to get myself a sundae! 

After the ceremony, there was a wall of blue cake pops, and I took one and ate it on the way to my car.  I was a very long day and night, and I had to be at work at 7am Monday morning.  If I ever win again, I’ll take Monday off from work.