Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” Movies of the 80s

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My Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” movies of the 1980s

We all have our guilty pleasures, and I love movies, and while they’re definitely not all winners I love them all the same.
Some of these movies I haven’t watched in a very long time, but writing up this post has definitely made me want to go out and get the ones I don’t already own on DVD.  These are not in order of favorite because I don’t know if I can classify them that way.  There would be a few ties in this short list!
1. My Chauffeur (1986)
  This movie is so very 80s in hair, makeup and costuming, but I LOVE IT!  Deborah Foreman stars as Casey Meadows a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant who receives a job offer from an anonymous source to be a chauffeur.  The other chauffeurs are, for the most part, uptight old men and give her a very hard time.  There is also the introduction of  Penn & Teller, which is fun, but it’s a part of the movie I usually skip over.
You might recognize some of the chauffeurs and other Brentwood Limousine staff such as Howard Hessman, John O’Leary, and E.G. Marshall.  Sam Jones stars as Casey’s love interest and son of E.G. Marshall’s character.  I still keep an eye for a blue woman with a blue dog. 
2. Gleaming the Cube (1989)
 This movie stars Christian Slater as Brian Kelly, a skater kid who investigates the murder of his older, adopted brother.  Steven Bauer co-stars as the cop who sort of helps Brian look into his brother’s death.  There’s great skating tricks (Tony Hawk makes an appearance as Buddy), but not a believable plot.  It’s still fun to watch.  
3. Just One of the Guys (1985)
Joyce Hyser stars as Terry, a girl whose Journalism teacher passes over her for submission for an internship at a local newspaper.  She feels sexism is to blame, then proceeds to execute a plan to enter nearby high school as Terry, a guy, and enter the same article in application for the same internship.  She ends up fending off a bully (William Zabka), putting up with her annoying little brother played by Billy Jacoby (now Billy Jayne), and fending off a girl who has the hots for her (Sherilyn Fenn).  This was one of my favorites, and I had forgotten about it until a recent reunion the cast had.  
4. The Wraith (1986)
I honestly think I only love this movie for the freaking car (Google: Dodge PPG Pace)! Charlie Sheen stars as Jamie who is murdered by a biker gang because the leader of the gang wants Jamie’s girlfriend (Sherilyn Fenn).  Jamie is reincarnated as Jake/The Wraith who comes back to life to avenge his death and protect his/Jamie’s girlfriend.  The film also stars Randy Quaid and Nick Cassavetes.
5. Real Genius (1985)
I think this movie is hilarious.  The pranks are awesome when you have a bunch of geniuses in a dorm together.  The movie stars Val Kilmer, Gabriel Jarret, and William Atherton.  Deborah Foreman makes a few short appearances as well.  The story centers around a slacker named Chris Knight (Kilmer) who is under pressure from a professor (Atherton) to develop a laser or not graduate.  What the students don’t know is the professor has promised the laser to the U.S. Defense Department as a weapon.  The students figure out the professor’s plans a little to late, but devise a plan to keep the laser from being used as a weapon by the government.
What are your favorite “guilty pleasure” movies?