Outside SDCC 2013 – Recap

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Recap: Outside San Diego Comic-Con 2013
San Diego, California

The Petco Park Interactive Zone banner

This is the second installment on my recaps of the (mostly) free fun you can have in San Diego\’s Gaslamp Quarter and surrounds during San Diego Comic-Con none of which require a con badge.  There was one paid event I went to during SDCC in 2013 which was SherlockedCC, a party put on by the Baker Street Babes for fans of BBC\’s Sherlock.  The cost for the event is pretty low in comparison to other parties in the area.  I won\’t be posting about that party today.  (But stay tuned for a recap of those parties in 2013 and 2014 when it gets closer to the 2015 party announcement.)

I didn\’t have a SDCC badge in 2013, and was a bit low on cash, but I took my nieces to the Gaslamp Quarter to do some of the free events and check out the amazing Cosplay.

Sign over the entrance for the Assassin\'s Creed: Black Flag experience aboard the Star of India

We\’ll start with the Assassin\’s Creed ship (actually the Star of India) which was in the harbor Friday and Saturday only.  I\’ve always wanted to see the Star of India, and this was a great (and free!) way to do it.  I was impressed that so much was allowed to be changed on the ship, but I\’m sure the San Diego Maritime Museum was well paid for it.  On the deck, they were doing straight razor shaves, which I didn\’t participate in being a woman and all, but I did grab a free can of shaving cream and a Gillette razor.

Below deck,there were several displays of historic ships as well as back drops for the game.  There was also a photo booth with themed costumes, and they also provided you with a print (maybe more than one, but I can\’t remember).

It was fun to walk around the ship and take in it\’s glory.  Click on the link above to learn more about the Star of India.

While waiting in line for the Assassin\’s Creed ship experience, I saw this Minion blimp flying above, and there were people walking around with large balloons promoting Cosmos.

A Minion Blimp was spotted circling above the San Diego Convention Center during San Diego Comic Con 2013.
Minion Blimp

People walking around with large balloon planets promoting Cosmos - Outside San Diego Comic Con 2013.
Cosmos balloons

We headed over to the Interactive Zone near Petco Park to see what they had once we were finished on the Assassin\’s Creed ship.  On the way to the Interactive Zone, I stopped to check out these incredible Lego figures!

Bilbo\'s House (with characters) from The Hobbit all made from Legos - Outside San Diego Comic Con 2013
The Hobbit: Bilbo\’s House!

Bilbo\'s house made of Legos
Side view of Bilbo\’s house

Life-size Robin, Batman and Joker Lego statues
Robin, Batman and Joker made of Legos.

In the Interactive Zone, there was a fantastic car display in which all of the cars were designed around a specific DC Comics superhero or superhero team.  These cars were all up for bid as well.

Cyborg Car
Cyborg Car
Superman car
SuperMan Car

Superman car interior
Superman Car Interior

Green Lantern car
Green Lantern Car

Justice League car
Justice League Car

Wonder Woman car
Wonder Woman Car

Batman car
Batman Car

I have to say that I really, really loved the detail which went into those cars as I would never consider buying a Kia otherwise.

Next to the car display was a Superman \”game\” sponsored by Norton after which you were given a bag with some flyers and a small superhero cape. Then you could get a green screen picture taken which was then imposed onto a Newspaper headline.  They gave you a card with a code to download the photo.

The Walking Dead Escape was promoted in the zone:

Old car set up promoting the Walking Dead Escape in the Petco Interactive Area outside San Diego Comic Con 2013.

There were other things to see as well as a phone charging station (which I took advantage of).

We walked around near the Tin Fish restaurant and did the Black List and Dracula activities.  The Dracula exhibit included getting a photo taken in a crypt which was cool…and a bit creepy.

I love how the Pedi-Cabs are decorated for SDCC.  This driver (couldn\’t get a good pic of him) looked a lot like Colin O\’Donoghue.

Once upon a Time themed pedi-cab

Further down, was a huge Ender\’s Game exhibit with actual sets and props from the film.  After the exhibit, you could get a picture taken which they gave you a dogtag with a code to download the photo.

Ender\'s Game installation outside San Diego Comic Con 2013

Inside the Ender\'s Game interactive

There was this cool puppet in the street in the Gaslamp (near the Hard Rock Hotel).
Dragon puppet/costume in the Gaslamp Quarter - Outside San Diego Comic Con 2013

Just walking around the Gaslamp Quarter (a few blocks north of the Convention Center) it\’s a bit quieter, yet there are people everywhere handing out free stuff.  I was given a small pocket emergency kit (sponsored by Best Buy),  a couple of bottles of water (sponsored by the movie, The Worlds End), and other stuff.  
Free bottle of water courtesy of the The World\'s End film - Outside SDCC 2013
Free \”Worlds End\” water!
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. trolley wrap during San Diego Comic Con 2013
San Diego Trolley decked out for Agents of SHIELD

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