Outlander Panel – PaleyFest 2015

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PaleyFest 2015: Outlander Panel 
Dolby Theatre 
March 12, 2015

The Outlander panelists drinking whisky during a drinking game - PaleyFest 2015
Drinking Game

This panel turned out to be a very fun event (I kept thinking my seats were in row J of Orchestra left, but they were in row F) with a food and drink get-together before the panel at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Hollywood & Highland Center. I have to say that had been several tables reserved for our group and when we overflowed those, the staff accommodated us easily and swiftly. They really deserve all the kudos (and large tips) for dealing without our quite large and barely organized group.  There was an opportunity to pre-order a custom lanyard which would come with a name badge all organized by the fans.  There was also a custom designed T-shirt which could be pre-purchased and picked up at CPK prior to the panel.  I only bought the lanyard, and having the lanyard helped everyone identify each other as Outlander fans while in the mall areas.

If you are curious about PaleyFest go here.

The doors to the Dolby opened at 6pm and there was a huge line, so a friend and I stood aside and waited for the line to die down (we were also waiting for another friend who ended up not being able to make it due to traffic issues—Obama\’s visit caused road closures in front of the Hollywood & Highland Center and surrounding streets).  Once inside, we saw these standing stones and large photographs of a few of the main characters.  I had to pose with Jamie and Claire, of course!

Posing with the life-size picture of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser - PaleyFest 2015 Outlander Panel
Holding Jamie\’s hand

Posing with the poster of Caitriona Balfe as Claire Beauchamp-Fraser -  PaleyFest 2015 Outlander Panel

The bar even had a themed drink, and I asked the bartender if they have a different themed drink for each of the panels.  Apparently, they do and I\’m curious as to what the drink will be for the Arrow/Flash panel on Saturday, which is the only other PaleyFest panel I\’m attending this year.

Themed Drinks available for purchase at the bar
Themed Drink

The panel started with a screening of the next episode (9 set to air in the US on April 4), which was fantastic!  The Q and A was fun as there was a drinking game, Newlywed game, then on to the audience questions.  Caitriona was asked which Outlander characters would she (Cait – not Claire) want to Kill, Marry, Screw.  When Cait said she would kill Father Bain, it was clear who in the audience had read the books and who had only seen the show by their reactions.  People who had read the books were laughing, applauding and agreeing, and those who hadn\’t seemed a little perplexed.  I can\’t wait for that episode!!!

 I took well over 150 pictures which I managed to whittle down to the best 99 (not including those taken in the lobby), but I\’m only posting a handful here.

Sam Heughan -  PaleyFest 2015 Outlander Panel
Sam Heughan

Caitriona Balfe -  PaleyFest 2015 Outlander Panel
Caitriona Balfe

Tobias Menzies, Ron D. Moore, and Diana Gabaldon
Tobias Menzies, Ron D. Moore, Diana Gabaldon

The panel taking sips of whisky

Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan
Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

There was an audience question for Sam about how he feels being a sex symbol or playing a character who\’s a sex symbol (I\’m not remembering the exact question), and Diana was taking a sip of her Whisky and almost choked on it.  She kept laughing and Sam just stared at her as in the photo below. 
Diana\’s reaction to an audience question for Sam.

After the panel, people rushed the stage, and since my seat was in the middle of the row, we got our feet trampled on as people tried to rush into the aisle to get to the stage. Ugh, so annoying.  Below is the initial melee at the stage. 

Audience at the stage after the panel for autographs and photos.

I then got a little brave and entered the melee to take some pictures, and managed to get a few good shots.  This wasn\’t easy as I had to hold my camera above my head and was getting pushed around quite a bit.  

Ron D. Moore signing autographs
Ron D. Moore

Tobias Menzies receiving a gift from fans
Tobias Menzies

Caitriona Balfe signing autographs
Caitriona Balfe

Sam Heughan signing autographs
Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan smiling for someone\'s camera
Sam Heughan

Upon exiting the Dolby, I saw a table where the Dolby staff was handing each person a small black box.  The line for these was a bit long and winding (unorganized winding), but I found the end of the line and my friend (I had lost her when we went into the melee at the stage).  Inside the boxes were flasks!

Outlander Flask given to each attendee after the panel
Outlander Flask – Thanks Starz!

It was a fun night, and I\’m excited for the Arrow/Flash panel on Saturday!