Daredevil Premiere

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Daredevil Premiere
Los Angeles, CA 

The Premiere:

I attend a lot of movie screenings and premieres, and had passes to attend the screening of the Netflix / Marvel Studios collaboration of Daredevil last week.  I had heard that it was a red carpet premiere, but the passes usually state a dress code for premieres and the passes for this didn\’t state anything.  I decided to wear a summery, yet pretty dress (suitable for a garden wedding) but wore flats instead of heels just to be safe.  I\’m glad I did as I saw the red carpet set up outside the theater (Regal LA Live) when I arrived.

To be clear, I\’m not on any list to get tickets for these events, but obtain passes through various sources on a first come, first served basis.  I arrived about 4 hours before the scheduled time of the screening.  There were a few people in line with me whom I\’ve met at other screenings.  I\’m not really friends with them, and one I had just met that night though I\’ve seen him at other screenings.  So when they were giving us the actual tickets to go inside I only said I needed 1.  I looked at the ticket (the seats are assigned) and noticed I got a really row, but the others I was with were in the third row from the front.  I was several rows behind them, but still in the front section of the theater.  I thought it was because I was a party of one and they needed to fill a seat, but when I entered the theater, the seat next to mine was empty and stayed empty the entire time.  My seat was also dead center so I had a great view (the photo above was taken from my seat).  I sat eating my popcorn and drinking my soda (almost all premieres have free popcorn and soda/water) and waited for the screening to begin.  It\’s very possible I was given this seat because it was closer to the \”industry\” people and I was dressed more \”appropriately.\”  There\’s no way for me to confirm this since they never turn away people dressed in cutoff denim shorts even when there is a dress code stated, but the other people in my row were dressed nicely as well.

The head of Netflix (I don\’t remember his name) gave a short speech which consisted primarily of acknowledgements to the Marvel and Netflix staff who worked on this project.  He also mentioned that they would be showing two episodes that evening and asked us not to spoil anything until the release date of April 10.


I\’m not a comic book reader.  I just don\’t have the patience for it (or anything really–patience is most definitely not one of my virtues), so I can\’t give comparisons to the books.  I\’m not going to spoil anything here, but I will say the two episodes we saw are incredible.  Daredevil is much darker than the Marvel films, and it should be as this is not a \”superhero\” story.  There is a generous use of flashbacks, but they are placed and timed perfectly as to give backstory not just on the character, but on what he is thinking at that very moment.

I have to give the highest praise to the stunt coordinators and stunt team.  The fight sequences are fast to give the audience the \”wow\” factor, but real in that the actors/stunt team looks tired.  In one sequence in episode 2, Matt Murdock/Daredevil has been seriously injured only a few hours prior, and it shows in the fight.  He spin-kicks a bad guy and instead of landing on his feet, he falls on his back on the ground exhausted.  The punches and kicks appear sloppy as they would with fighters who are tired and in pain, but they aren\’t any less exciting to watch.

I can\’t wait to see what\’s in store on April 20, 2015.  I\’ll be binge-watching Daredevil this weekend for sure!