Harry Potter – Gryffindor Inspired Bracelets

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Harry Potter – Gryffindor Inspired Bracelets
April 12, 2015

This is the fourth post in a series of sample bracelets I\’m making for myself and YourFriendElle to give away during San Diego Comic Con this year.

This post is for the Gryffindor bracelets I\’m making from the Harry Potter books and films.  Most of these will have two different charms on them, but some may have one charm and a photo in a photo frame charm on the other side. I have quite a few charms for this theme so I may save the photo frames for those fandoms which I don\’t have (and can\’t find) enough decent charms for.

I had originally thought about making bracelets for each of the four houses at Hogwarts, but with the other fandoms I want to make bracelets for, this is not financially feasible so I will make some in a generic color (black?) and some in Gryffindor\’s colors since I have a lot of beads already in my stash in those colors.  I may be able to make some in Slytherin\’s colors, but forgo the snake charms I had planned on buying for them.

Here is a sample of what the Gryffindor bracelets will look like, more or less.

Gryffindor Harry Potter inspired beaded memory wire bracelets
Crimson and Goldenrod oval glass beads

This one has a lightning bolt charm and an owl charm, but I also have brooms and little books which could pass for spellbooks (I hope) for other Harry Potter bracelets.

I would love you thoughts on this and the other bracelets as well as fandoms you would like to see represented!