Firefly/Serenity Bracelets

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DIY Firefly/Serenity Bracelets 
April 13, 2015

This is the fifth post in a series for the items I\’m making for myself and YourFriendElle to give away at San Diego Comic Con.


I had a little trouble with this Firefly/Serenity bracelet as I had posted it on my personal Facebook page to see if my friends (many of whom are Browncoats) would recognize what it was for.  No one got it so I\’ll be switching out the bear charm and putting a photo frame charm in its place with a photo of the show or movie\’s logo.

Green leaf beads memory wire bracelet
Green leaf-shaped glass beads with orange/brown glass seed beads.

I realize that I could also make some Jurassic Park bracelets since that was what most people guessed when I did my Facebook test.  I have my other fandoms which are my current priority at this time, though if you would like to see some Jurassic Park love please let me know!

Firefly inspired dinosaur bracelet

Firefly inspired Wash bracelet

These posts are just teasers to give you an idea of what I\’ll have and there will be a variety of different colors and 3 different sized bracelets so there should be something for everyone.  If there is a fandom you would like to see represented, please let me know in the comments, on Twitter (@WeirdLifeofV) or on Facebook.

4/16/2015: Edited to add two more bracelets which I made after the initial post.