Marvel’s Hydra / Red Skull Bracelets

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DIY: Marvel Hydra Inspired Bracelets 
April 14, 2015

These bracelets are for the bad guys we love to hate (or just love–no judgement here lol).  I’ll have a few of these for prizes in my and YourFriendElle’s giveaways during San Diego Comic Con in July.

Hydra/Red Skull:

This bracelet is just missing (it was added after the photo was taken) the photo frame charm which will have the Hydra logo inside.  I love that I found these red skull beads which I made into charms.

Red w/Black swirls glass beads and black seed beads

I couldn’t get the photo to upload upright so I apologize if you have to crane your neck.

Here’s one with a turquoise cube bead which I made into a Tesseract charm.

Red and black beads, and turquoise cube bead/charm.

Here\’s another with the photo frame charm attached.

Red and Black glass beads

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