DIY: Marvel Paper Masks

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DIY: Marvel Paper Masks
April 30, 2015
I recently joined the newest chapter of Geek Girl Brunch in Los Angeles

We are having our second brunch this Saturday, and it’s a Marvel theme.  With Avengers Age of Ultron releasing in the U.S. on Friday it’s a fitting theme.  I had made masks like these for my Avengers themed birthday party a couple years ago.  I decided to make some for everyone at the brunch. I included a few Spider-Man and Wolverine masks, too.

I found the templates on these two blogs, Tessie Fay and Sunshine and Summer Breeze (discovered on Pinterest, of course). They had been made out of felt and sewn, but I chose to go a different route, and made them from paper and glued wooden sticks to them.

The easiest to make were the Spiderman because I just printed the template on red cardstock and cut them out.

DIY: Spiderman paper masquerade style mask

Captain America was probably the most time consuming because of cutting the wings and the “A” for each of the masks.

DIY: Captain America paper masquerade style mask

I drew the lines on the helmets of the Thor masks freehand so they aren’t symmetrical in the least.

DIY: Thor paper masquerade style mask

Here are the others.

DIY: Iron Man paper masquerade style mask
DIY: Wolverine paper masquerade style mask

For the Hulk mask, the template had a section for the hair and eyebrows which I had considered tracing and cutting out of black paper, but ironically, cutting a bunch of tiny pieces of yarn (I had cheap black craft yarn on hand) and hot gluing it to the mask was much faster and quite quick.

DIY: Incredible Hulk paper masquerade style mask

I made 3 Spiderman masks (1 is a different style than what is shown above), 4 Wolverine and 5 or 6 of the others since those are in the Avengers: Age of Ultron film.