Doctor Who Themed Mystery Theater

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Doctor Who Mystery Theater
May 9, 2015
Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

Queen Mary sign from the port side of the boat

This past Saturday, I attended Doctor Who-Dunnit Mystery Theater Lunch aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  This was the premiere event held by Nerder Mysteries.  Your ticket included a catered buffet lunch, complimentary parking, and there was time to wander around the Queen Mary (which I highly recommend).  All this was in addition to the mystery \”dinner\” theater.  Saturday\’s event was Doctor Who themed and costumes were highly encouraged as there was also a costume contest (which will be voted on online at a later date…stay tuned for those details!)  

The event was in the Windsor Salon

Tickets sold out about 2 weeks prior to the event and was limited to about 150 people.  There was a raffle and silent auction with all proceeds benefitting Lumos.  I really liked the way Nerder Mysteries handled the payments for the auction and raffle as they had a computer for you to donate directly to Lumos at or you could also donate via your phone and show them the receipt to receive your raffle tickets.  I know this simplifies their not having to handle large sums of money, but it benefits those who are donating since they were able to be entered in the promotion Lumos was running as well as get the tax deduction for themselves.  

Jammie Dodger!
Jammie Dodger!

Upon check-in, we received a packet with information of the characters in the play.  We had tickets with which we could make a first and second guess (at separate times during the performance) which were also included in the file.

The tables had cute TARDIS containers holding the table numbers.  There were also cookies and jelly babies on the tables for us to snack on.  

Tardis table centerpiece

There was an impromptu sing-along to 500 Miles by The Proclaimers.  Hopefully, my blurry video will play below.

There was a large TARDIS which the official photographer would take your photo in front of which was also how you entered the costume contest.  There was a slightly smaller TARDIS next to the bar which was provided by Come Along Cosplay (aka: which is available for hire for your own parties!!  They also have a K-9 which took part in the show, and I didn\’t get any photos of it, unfortunately.

Sarah Jane & 11

This lady guessed correctly even halfway through the performance! 

The show officially started after we were able to get lunch from the buffet.  Lunch consisted of Wedge salad, potato salad, coleslaw, hamburgers (and fixings), Bratwurst, barbeque chicken breast, and rolls.  There was Dutch style apple pie, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  There was a bar for alcohol, but as I wasn\’t drinking I\’m not sure of their offerings nor whether or not it was \”open\” or \”no-host\” style.  There was iced tea and lemonade available in addition to the water and coffee which was served at the tables.  

There were quite a few hiccups in the production, but I have to say for a first event (and quite a large event at that), it was quite a lot of fun.  Kudos to Bernie Bergman of Nerds Like Us for providing fun ad-libbing when they ran into trouble.

Here is a short video of the performance which includes K-9 though you can\’t see him. 

After the luncheon, the group I was with walked around the Queen Mary.  I hadn\’t been on the Queen Mary since I was about 12 years old so I really enjoyed this part of the day.  It was also a typically beautiful day (the days leading up to Saturday were cloudy and rainy), so it was serendipitous to be aboard on Saturday. 

The bridge of the Queen Mary:

View from starboard

Starboard lifeboats

Looks like a wedding was happening later

One of the starboard lifeboats

Red and Blue Ensigns

One of the port side lifeboats

One of the many phone boxes we saw.

The Spruce Goose used to be here and I don\’t know what\’s in there now.

Engine Room

Gas mask Circa 1930s??

First Class dining 

I can\’t wait for the next event which I\’m hearing is of a wizarding nature and will happen this fall! 
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