San Diego Comic-Con – Hannibal Signing

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San Diego Comic-Con – Hannibal Signing
July 12, 2015

Richard Armitage, Hugh Dancy, Bryan Fuller signing for fans - San Diego Comic Con 2015

I didn’t have any panels I wanted to see on Sunday, so I planned on spending all of my time doing and see all of the outside stuff and spending as much time as possible on the exhibition floor.  I also wanted to visit my friend who was working on the exhibition floor since I didn’t get a chance to talk to him on Saturday. 

I had intended on getting into the Heroes Reborn line as there were already a lot of people in line, and the dome wasn’t open, yet.  Then I noticed a small sign (letter size copy paper sign) which said “Hannibal line starts here” or something to that effect.  I saw a lot of people with flower crowns already in line.  I saw a table with a backdrop behind it next to the sign so I immediately jumped in line, then started checking twitter to see what exactly I was getting in line for and what time it would be starting.  This was along the fence which surrounds the outside patio for the Tin Fish restaurant.  It didn’t look like a SDCC badge was required as we were out in the open, and the signing was only scheduled to be for an hour.

Hannibal Signing
Bryan Fuller signing my book
 I found that the signing would begin at 11am, and that all of the panel members from the previous day (Martha DeLaurentis, Richard Armitage, Hugh Dancy, and Bryan Fuller) would be participating.  I had a great time chatting with people in line, and gave bracelets to those around me, then handed the bag back to be passed down the line.  I did take a few items, including 1 Tesseract necklace and 1 set of the lightsaber earrings and placed them in my messenger bag.  

Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage
Just before I got to the table, we were told to just get our items signed as they had to leave for their flights.  I did end up chatting with them because after the first (Bryan Fuller) signed, I couldn’t move to the next person because the people ahead of me were chatting away.  I had already purchased tickets to Film Independent’s “Evening with Hannibal” which is being held at LACMA on July 23 and Bryan Fuller is doing a Q&A after the screening.  I mentioned it to him and suggested he wear the Star Wars jacket.  He said it would be too hot, but said he would definitely be wearing it on December 18th (Star Wars release date).  I remembered that I had the lightsaber earrings(tutorial will be coming soon) so I gave them to him.  I told him that I made them. Hugh Dancy told him that he would have to pierce his ears to wear them, but Bryan replied that he could hang them another way.  

Richard Armitage signing while Hugh Dancy looks at me taking a picture

Of course, I really wanted to see and chat with Richard Armitage and, as my luck would have it, I didn’t get to really talk to him as others around me were talking to him.  I did chat briefly with Martha DeLaurentis as she asked me a question about something the girl next to me and I were talking about.  At least I remembered to take photos while I was standing at the table, and I took a few more photos from behind the row of people getting their autographs after I had gotten mine.

Martha DeLaurentis, Richard Armitage and Hugh Dancy

Martha DeLaurentis, Richard Armitage and Hugh Dancy

I jumped into the Heroes Gallery line after that and my heart was racing and my hands were shaking a little.  After sooooo many attempts, I finally got to get up close to Richard Armitage!  Next time, I need to say something! Ugh.

I’m really looking forward to the Film Independent event next week!