DIY: Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings

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Tutorial: Star Wars Lightsaber Inspired Earrings
July 2015

I had been trying to think of a Star Wars themed jewelry craft, and I had found lighsaber party favors made using 6-inch light sticks.  While doing an unrelated search, I found 2-inch light sticks on eBay and figured I could make earrings out of them.  These are very easy to make, and I gave out my entire supply at San Diego Comic-Con.  I will definitely be making more for the release of A Force Awakens’ release this December if not sooner.  I\’ll be at D23 Expo this year, so I might make some more for that weekend!

I wanted to share a tutorial so you can make some for yourself. 


2-inch lightsticks – 1 pair
Kidney-style earring hooks – 1 pair
1-inch eye pins – 1 pair
Black Electrical tape
Silver tape
E6000 glue or similar

1. Cut a strip of electrical tape approximately 1 to 1 ½ inches long. 

2.  Partially wrap the lightstick with electrical tape

3. Put a strip of glue on the eyepin (I dipped the pin into the glue container)

4. Place the pin as close to the lightstick as possible and finish wrapping the electrical tape around the lightstick.

5.  Cut 1 or 2 strips of the silver tape approximately 1 to 1 ½ inches long. (Depending on the width of your silver tape, you may need to cut the strip again lengthwise)

 6. Wrap 1 strip of silver tape around the top edge of the electrical tape.

 7. Wrap the second strip of silver tape near the bottom of the electrical tape.

8.  Allow glue to cure according to manufacturer’s directions.

9.  Slide the completed lightsaber onto the kidney hook.

I chose the kidney style earring hooks because they allow for quick and easy replacement of the lightsabers since the lightsticks are one-time use.  Of course, you can wear these without lighting the sticks, too!

You can help me decide which colors to make for future earrings.  Please vote on the poll below.
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