LBCC – John Barrowman

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John Barrowman
Long Beach Comic Con
September 13, 2015
John Barrowman wearing a Star Wars shirt during his panel
Star Wars shirt!!!

John Barrowman\’s panel is always a must-see because he is hilarious and is a fantastic storyteller.  I started out at the Buffy panel first thing in the morning (which I arrived at about halfway through), which was held in the room next to where John Barrowman would be a few hours later.  After the Buffy panel, I went to get in line for John Barrowman\’s panel which was 2 1/2 hours later.  

John Barrowman

There was a sign-language interpreter next to the stage, and she was sort of roped into the job since there weren\’t any official con interpreters available.  She was with a family member (I could be wrong about that as I could barely hear her explaining to John what had happened) who was hearing impaired so she volunteered to sign for the panel.  John definitely had fun with her throughout the panel, and it was fantastic!  

John Barrowman

I love how NC-17 John\’s panels are, but he is very aware that children are in the audience and warns the parents at the beginning.  He has great interactions with the kids in his audience as well, which is great to see.  

John Barrowman

John explains his love and appreciation for the opportunity given to him by Doctor Who in the video below.

One of the stories he told was about farting on a plane, and after he told that story, his phone started ringing and he answered it since it was Scott.  He tried to get Scott to speak to the audience, but he didn\’t say much.  

John Barrowman
Telling the farting on a plane story.

He told the story of his being naked for a scene on Torchwood and what he did behind the scenes.

The video below is a story of him farting during a scene on Arrow.  

I can\’t wait to see John again!