DIY: Witch Hat Hair Accessories

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DIY Witch Hat Tutorial
October 20, 2015

DIY Black felt Witch hat with layered felt flowers

DIY Black felt Witch hat with wiggle eyes

This tutorial is very easy and fun to customize any way you want.  I used a template found here, and made two sizes.  I used the size in the template to make a smaller hat for use as barrettes, and a slightly large template for the headbands.

Black Yarn and cheap plastic headbands

What you\’ll need:
Glue gun and sticks (or another thick/strong glue)
Yarn (if covering the headband)
Headband, elastic, ribbon, barrettes
Something to trace your template onto the felt (see my cheat below)
Decorations: Ribbon, glitter, googly eyes, acrylic jewels, buttons, etc.

I had a problem finding something to trace the template pattern onto the black felt so I came up with a solution using my ATG.  I placed two strips of the sticky tape from my ATG on each template shape and stuck it to the felt. It stays in place while I cut around the template, but it\’s easy to remove from the felt and can be used repeatedly.

I bought cheap plastic headbands from my local Dollar Tree (they came 3 or 4 to a pack for $1) and covered them with cheap black yarn (Michaels) just as I did for the Rapunzel braids I made here.  If you don\’t want to cover the headbands (or are using another means of wearing) you can skip this part.

1. Cut the felt as shown above
2. Use hot glue to adhere the triangular piece together (see below), and fold over to form a cone shape.

3. Add glue to the bottom of your cone, and attach to the felt circle.

4. Place a strip of glue along the top of the headband (slightly less that the diameter of your hat brim), and place the hat on top of the glue.  

6. Decorate the hats as you please. 

I like the googly eyes!

Finished hat with orange and purple felt flower
Velvet flowers with a acrylic jewel.

5.  I used scrap pieces of felt about 1 1/2 inches wide by about 3-4 inches long to help secure the hat to the headband (and I forgot to take pictures of this part of the process).  I also used slightly smaller pieces for the barrettes.  
          Cover the strip of felt with glue, making sure to get close to all of the edges, and place under the hat, glue side towards the hat.  This will help secure the hat to the headband.

Your hat is finished!!

I painted the felt before cutting with glitter fabric paint, then added orange glitter glue to cover the excess hot glue


        You could also use these techniques to make birthday hats and Santa hats.  You\’re only limited by your imagination!

– V