Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015 – Overview

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Comikaze 2015 – Overview
Los Angeles Convention Center
October 30-November 1, 2015
Stan Lee\'s Comikaze Expo banner on top of the LA Convention Center 2015
This was the 5th year of Stan Lee’s Comikaze (and my second year attending), and it has expanded a lot since 2014.  This year, the con was centered in the West Hall with partial use of the South Hall (accessible via indoor and outdoor routes) of the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The outdoor access also had access to the parking structure below the convention center as well as a variety of food trucks.  There were quite a few table and chair setups which was quite convenient.  The plethora of stairways provided ample space for group photo shoots of any size.  Quite a few are shaded, too, to avoid the heat.  
Halfway between West and South Halls (facing South Hall)
Food trucks behind the LA Convention Center between South and West halls - Stan Lee\'s Comikaze Expo 2015
Just a few of the food trucks between West and South Halls
Facing West Hall
It was a little confusing on the first day trying to find the place to get my badge.  The website said the name of the hall (I can’t remember what it was), but not where that hall was located.  It ended up being in the West Hall, to the right of the escalators to the panel rooms.  The rooms for the panels were VERY easy to locate.
West Hall ready for Comikaze
Most of the aisles on the exhibition floor (West Hall) were fairly wide except in the Artist Alley area, which was quite cramped. The South Hall had a lot of empty space and this is where the cosplay tables were.  The Hot Topic Main Stage was also in the South Hall, and this is where the “big” panels where with the celebrities and other groups.  The photo ops and autographs were also in the South Hall with the exception of Stan Lee, Elvira, Grumpy Cat and Dita Von Teese who all did their sessions in the West Hall.
Stan Lee panel  - Stan Lee\'s Comikaze Expo 2015
Stan Lee panel on Friday.
Stan Lee  - Stan Lee\'s Comikaze Expo 2015
The man! Stan Lee doing a brief panel on Friday.
The producers of Stan Lee\’s next project. Check out the maquette.
Serenity at the Lootcrate booth
Serenity at the LootCrate booth
R2-D2 at the builders club booth
R2 builders club is always a favorite of mine!
BB-8 at the builder\'s club booth
Wall-E at the builders club booth
Wall-E looks so sad. 😦
I really do love going to Comikaze because it has a relaxed vibe to it even when it’s a bit crowded (though that’s nothing compared to SDCC), and the security team doesn’t harass you if you’re sitting against a wall.  The attendees were also conscious of sitting against the walls, too, which helps.
There were chairs along some walls including the alcove on the left.
I didn’t take as many photos of cosplays this year, which I’m smacking myself a bit about, but there were a few standouts which I absolutely had to get.
Amazing Book of Life cosplay
This Book of Life cosplay was amazing.
Baymax cosplay
This Baymax cosplay was great! I don’t know how they moved around, though.
This cosplay was so fun!
This was creepy and cool. See just how tall in my pic of the exit banner below.
I\’ll be posting specific panels and events in the next few days? weeks?  So keep an eye out for posts on the Le Geek So Chic fashion show, Summer Glau, the All That reunion, and the Stan Lee Museum.
See you next year!
The next con I’ll be attending is Heroes & Villains Fest in San Jose November 20-21, 2015.  Hope to see you there!
I love the Lost Children sign
I love this sign.
PS:  Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for brief clips of panels and other stuff at the cons!