"All That" Reunion – Comikaze 2015

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\”All That\” Cast Reunion 
Stan Lee\’s Comikaze Expo
Los Angeles Convention Center
November 1, 2015

Stan Lee\’s Comikaze Expo enjoys presenting the fans with reunions of casts from Nickelodeon shows.  This year was no exception, and it was a huge reunion! Cast members from both \”versions\” of the \”All That\” show appeared and shared their experiences working on the show.  

I have only ever watched a few episodes of \”All That\” with the original cast, and I hadn\’t been aware of a \”reboot\” later.  I really was at the Hot Topic stage to kill time, and even without much knowledge of the show, it was a very entertaining panel.  I did have to leave a little early, though, to make it to my panel in the West Hall.  

All That Reunion Cast

The cast members were genuinely excited to see each other again, and it\’s nice to see that they really enjoy and like each other.  The other thing I found very entertaining was the comparison of the \”OG cast\” and the \”new\” casts experiences making the show.  The original cast definitely seemed to get away with much more than the new cast did. 

I took several short videos from the panel and posted them to my YouTube channel.

I\’ll be posting more about Comikaze Expo in the upcoming days.  My \”big\” convention will be Heroes & Villains Fest in San Jose, CA on November 21-22, 2015.