Stan Lee’s Mega Museum – Comikaze Expo 2015

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Stan Lee\’s Mega Museum
Stan Lee\’s Comikaze Expo 2015
Los Angeles Convention Center

There were so many items in the Museum, I\’m only going to post a few here, but I also took a video of the full-size (and lit up) Iron Man statuettes.  I\’ll include a link to YouTube.

Life size Captain America Statuette
Captain America Statuette

 Almost everything in the Museum has been signed by Stan Lee, and I\’m not sure how much, if any, of this,  he actually owns.  It\’s really cool to see some original drawings (and some with corrections) and awards Stan Lee has received over the years.  

Life size Ant Man Statuette
Ant Man Statuette

 Iron Man statuettes:

Ant Man helmet with matchbox Ant Man figure
Ant Man Helmet and matchbox figure
Close up of matchbox figure.
Star Lord helmet
Star Lord\’s helmet
They posed the Incredible Hulk action figure punching the Thor action figure as seen in The Avengers
Hulk punching Thor

 I took over 100 pictures of the smaller statuettes, but Hulk punching Thor has to be my favorite.  It\’s clear that whoever set this up wanted to have fun.  All of the other figures were set up in a more \”traditional\” manner.  

Peter Parker\'s High school diploma
Peter Parker\’s high school diploma
Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack\'s platinum record signed by Stan Lee
Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack\’s Platinum record.

 The chair backs from the various Marvel films were signed by some of the cast members of each film.

Avengers Age of Ultron cast signed chair back
Avengers Age of Ultron signed chair back.
Captain America The Winter Solder signed chair back
Captain America signed chair back
Avengers and Iron Man 3 signed chair backs
Avengers and Iron Man 3 signed chair back
Captain America: Civil War signed chair back
Captain America: Civil War signed chair back

 I looked really close at the Captain America: Civil War chair back for possible clues. I have no idea what I thought I would find, but I looked for it. 

Letter from President Bill Clinton to Stan Lee
Letter from President Bill Clinton
National Medal of Arts medal
National Medal of Arts medal
Stan Lee\'s National Medal of Arts certificate
National Medal of Arts Award Certificate
Spiderman guitars
Spiderman Guitars
If you get a chance to attend Comikaze Expo (which I highly recommend), be sure to check out the museum.  I went into the Museum on Friday (when I took these photos), and again on Saturday when my niece was with me.  It\’s much, much more crowded on Saturday so it\’s difficult to take pictures or see everything in the museum without a bit of patience.