Flashback Friday – The Watchmen Premiere 2009

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The Watchmen Premiere
Hollywood, California
March  2, 2009
The Nite Owl\'s ship on the Yellow carpet
The Nite Owl Ship on the Yellow Carpet
This week\’s Flashback Friday post (not that I have weekly FBF posts, lol) is from March of 2009, when I stood along the barricades for the Watchmen premiere with a group of friends.  

Entrance to the Chinese Theatre
The yellow carpet in front of the Chinese Theater entrance.

It had been raining so they had tarps covering the bright yellow carpet.  I only had my point and shoot camera back then, so most of my pictures came out blurry.  It was also dark by the time the stars arrived to the premiere.  

Jeffrey Dean Morgan crossing the street to the fans
Jeffrey Dean Morgan heading to the fan barricades
Two things stood out most for me from that night. 

First, Jeffrey Dean Morgan asked if he could take my friend\’s silver Sharpie and promised to give it back (they always promise to give it back, but never do), and she let him take it to sign for other fans.  Then when he finished signing, he started walking across the street and my friend yelled, \”Jeffrey!! You took my pen!\”  He had his back to us, but you could see him look at his right hand and his head dropped.  He turned around and crossed the street back to us to give her the pen.  It was hilarious and so awesome of him to return it himself.  

Jeffrey Dean Morgan signing autographs for fans
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan crossing the street back to the fans to return my friend\'s Sharpie
Jeffrey Dean Morgan returning my friend\’s Sharpie.

Second, there is an English language school in the area of Hollywood and Highland, and the students were getting out of class just as the stars were arriving.  One of the students was behind me and handed Patrick Wilson her textbook to sign (they weren\’t prepared and I don\’t think she even knew who he was).  He looked up at her and asked if she was sure she wanted him to sign it. She said \”yes\” and nodded emphatically.  He just said, \”okay\” with a small shake of his head, and signed away.  I was laughing. 

Patrick Wilson signing autographs for fans
Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson signing autographs
Patrick Wilson

It was a very fun evening with some great friends.  I did get Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Patrick Wilson\’s autographs on a large poster, which I gave to a friend to raffle off at a fundraiser about 3 years ago.