Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show – Recap

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Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show
Stan Lee\’s Comikaze Expo
October 30, 2015

Le Geek So Chic Team
Le Geek So Chic Team

This was my first time getting to see the Fashion Show Le Geek So Chic puts on.  It was definitely fun, and there were quite a few items I need to get for myself.  I took so many pictures that I put them in a video slideshow.

The clothing designers who participated were:

I\’m in love with this color changing skirt from Unicorn Sushi!
Mystic Skirt - color changing skirt by Unicorn Sushi
Mystic Skirt in Black/Red by Unicorn Sushi

I also loved some of the boots, but I didn\’t catch the company\’s name. Boo!

I\’m just starting to consider everyday cosplay ideas for work.  I rarely shop for clothes, but now I will with cosplay in mind. 


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