David Ramsey Panel – Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

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David Ramsey Panel
Heroes and Villains Fan Fest – San Jose
November 22, 2015
David Ramsey doesn\'t think the crowd is loud enough
David Ramsey doesn’t think we’re loud enough.
I adore David Ramsey, and his panel at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose was a must see for me.  He talked a little about Diggle’s somewhat fractured relationship with Stephen Amell’s, Oliver, on Arrow and reiterated that there isn’t anything some good Kentucky Whisky couldn’t fix. Lol.
David Ramsey
David Ramsey
There was a audience who was overcome with emotion and couldn’t ask her question.  David Ramsey invited her to sit on stage with him, which she did for the rest of the panel.
David Ramsey
David Ramsey
David did tell a funny story about how Stephen Amell clenches his..umm…glutes while giving long speeches on Arrow, with a demonstration.  None of the pictures I took of David Ramsey doing butt clenches were in focus! I’m so sorry (and disappointed in myself), but I have to admit that I was a bit distracted by that visual!  Of course, now I’m going to picture Stephen doing butt clenches anytime he’s talking on Arrow.
David Ramsey
David Ramsey
When this panel ended, we rushed out (again) to the line for John Barrowman’s panel.  Barrowman’s panels are ALWAYS great fun, and this was no exception.  Check back for that recap.

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