Lightsaber Battle – Los Angeles

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Lightsaber Battle – LA
Los Angeles, California
December 18, 2015
I heard about the Lightsaber Battle from either Facebook or Eventbrite, and I jumped on it because it sounded like a weird but fun event to be a party of.  I bought/reserved two lightsabers right away to get them at the discounted price of $5 each.  I took my niece to the battle which was being held at Pershing Square Parkin Downtown Los Angeles.  The gallery where we had to pick up the lightsabers was several blocks away, and it was very crowded and busy in there.  They had a photo op inside with costumed characters, but we just wanted to get our lights and head back to the park for the battle.
I\’m wearing a First Order hockey jersey from Geeky Jerseys.
There were several food trucks around for the participants, and tiny duels and battles going on everywhere.  There wasn’t an organized battle, but someone would inevitably referee duels for people to participate in, but I don’t think these referees were part of the organizers.  The craziness is very apparent in the video I edited together from clips from throughout the night.
When I got home, I saw the battle on the news where they said the battle set a record for largest lightsaber battle.  The San Diego lightsaber battle was scheduled for the next day, but they didn’t have higher numbers than Los Angeles so the record still holds.
It was a fun night, but it was really, really crowded due to a skating rink also being in the park.  I’d definitely do it again, but I’d probably take the SLR camera and just take pictures.