Recap: Deadpool Fan Event

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Deadpool Fan Event
Los Angeles, CA
January 18, 2016
Cast and creators of Deadpool at the Fan Event in Los Angeles.
I obtained passes for the Deadpool fan event which was promoted as showing clips from the film and a Q and A with the filmmakers.  The event was at 3pm, but since it was a holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday), I had the day off and was able to attend.
I didn’t anticipate the problem with parking due to the holiday (increased shoppers) and the construction happening in the parking garage.  It took almost 40 minutes to park my car because most of the spots were taken, the lanes were made 1-way only due to the construction, and the lack of movement of any of the traffic.  I would have turned around and left if I was even able to find a space where I could turn around.  By the time I found a place where I could turn around, it was a back corner where there were many empty parking spaces.  This corner was actually much more convenient for getting to the theater since the elevators opened across from the theater.
They checked the IDs of everyone in line (no one under 18 years of age were allowed), as we waited in the lobby.  Once we were admitted, we received the ticket for the screening plus a ticket for a free soda/water and small popcorn. The “ticket” also served as a form for submitting questions for the Q and A.  The event was hosted by VSauce, and the filmmakers were introduced at which time we were told that we would be seeing the entire film and not just the clips we were expecting.  The director, Tim Miller, was quick to mention that the film wasn’t finished (it was still being “tweaked”), but we were seeing the complete film.  Just before the screening began, we handed in our questions.
After the screening, which only had 1 end-credit scene, the filmmakers which included Tim Miller, Rob Liefeld, TJ Miller, Stan Lee, Brianna Hildebrand, and (I think) two of the writers.  Stan Lee was definitely happy with his cameo and wanted more nudity.  My question was the last question asked for the night which was “What was your favorite scene to shoot?”  I don’t even remember what the answers were, but I think the bridge scene was mentioned.
When we left the theater, we were given USB flash drive rubber bracelets with the VSauce logo on them.  It wasn’t until a day or two later that I discovered the bracelet glows in the dark.
It was such a fun event, and I’m really happy that I went, and stayed. New York had a similar event that same nightin which Ryan Reynolds was the guest.