Triple 9 Premiere

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Triple 9 Premiere
Los Angeles, CA
February 16, 2016
I won “VIP” passes to the Triple 9 premiere which was being held at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles.  VIP only means that I wouldn’t have to wait in line, that I could check-in with the designated representative and get my tickets.  Initially, I had won a pair, but they notified me less than 24 hours before the premiere that I would actually have 4 tickets waiting for me.
Cast and director of Triple 9 - Triple 9 premiere
The Cast and Director
When I checked-in and received my tickets, the representative, also named Veronica, informed me that the website I won the tickets from would like to interview me and she would take me to them.  They were covering the red carpet so I had to wait a bit for them, and security kept trying to get us to clear the walkway (understandable).  I finally convinced them that I needed to be there, so they left me alone unless I happened to take my phone out to take pictures of the stars on the red carpet.  Other people were gathering around which made security really try to get me to clear the area and go inside the theater.
Danny Trejo - Triple 9 Premiere
Danny Trejo
I did my interview real fast and headed inside.  I had a cold at this time (I’m still recovering), so I took a coke and a bottle of water along with a popcorn before heading to my seat in the balcony.  I couldn’t eat the popcorn because of my sore throat.  All but one premiere I’ve been to has had complimentary soda/water and popcorn.
Michael Rooker in the background and Louis Love in the foreground
You can sort of see Michael Rooker!
Before starting the film, the director came out and introduced the cast members who were in attendance (and a few who weren’t).  Each of the cast members came up to the front of the theater, and the director gave his thanks.
Norman Reedus doing press
Normam Reedus
The movie is okay.  The script needs some serious work, but the action and performances were great.
By the end of the night, I really wasn’t feeling well and ended up not going into work the next day.  Quite a lot of people I know have been getting really bad colds and the flu.  I hope you are all staying healthy.