Recap: Con Man Panel – Long Beach Comic Expo

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Con Man Panel
Long Beach Comic Expo
Long Beach, CA
February 20, 2016
Shannon Eric Denton, PJ Haarsma and Alan Tudyk
L-R: Shannon Eric Denton, PJ Haarsma, Alan Tudyk

The Con Man panel seemed to go too fast, and there was a slight delay in their presentation while they waited for a television screen to be set up.  They showed a outtakes reel and the cover art for the upcoming Con Man comic books.

PJ Haarsma and Alan Tudyk
PJ Haarsma and Alan Tudyk

The first Con Man comic book, Spectrum, will be free and available on Free Comic Book Day in May.  It’s a full 36-page comic and there will be 3 additional comics released after that day.

Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk

The Con Man game app is being developed and the purpose is to put on a con and deal with the problems (conceivable problems and silly problems) involved in creating the biggest and best convention there is.  The official launch will be at San Diego Comic Con in July.

PJ Haarsma and Alan Tudyk
PJ Haarsma and Alan Tudyk

Funniest thing said:
Fan asked a question about Alan’s work doing voices for Disney\’s films.  Alan was talking about getting the first job, then the same people made the next film he did and so on. He means to say it’s like a family, but this is what he actually said:
Alan:  “Incestuous sounds bad”
PJ: “Because it is.”
Alan: “That\’s not what my sister said.”
Audience: “Ewww”
Alan: “I should have said ‘Cousin.’  Cousin is funny, sister is disgusting.  Sorry, Sam. That’s my sister.”

Right after the panel, Alan was doing photo ops, and I had pre-purchased the photo-op with Alan so I raced over to the line.  Only afterwards, did I realize that the first celebrity I paid to have a photo with is someone whom I’ve already had a photo with. Doh!

Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk

They will be having their first ever Con Man booth at Silicon Valley Comic Con in March. I’m so glad I had already bought my tickets and booked a room for SVCC.  They’ll also be at WonderCon in Los Angeles in March the following weekend.

I’ll be attending both of those conventions next.  I hope to see you there.