TBT: Legends of Oz Premiere

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Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return Premiere
Los Angeles, CA
May 3, 2014
Westwood Village Theater for the Legends of Oz: Dorothy\'s Return premiere
Westwood Village Theater

The only reason I went to this premiere is for the Munchkins.  Many of the family/kids’ movies have their premieres and screenings on Saturday which enables me to invite my friend and her daughters.  This was the second premiere the Munchkins had been to, and possibly the second movie screening as well.  Their first movie experience was when we went to the Lego Movie premiere as this same theater.  I took some pictures of the red, or in this case gold, carpet set up before getting in line for the movie.  The line is down the street, north of the Village Theater where the screening would be taking place.

While we were in line for the security screening, we could see some of the interviews taking place on the gold carpet.

Jim Belushi being interviewed
Jim Belushi
Lea Michelle being interviewed
Lea Michele

The movie was terrible, but the Munchkins enjoyed it.

Two of our tickets for the Legends of Oz: Dorothy\'s Return premiere
Two of our four tickets.


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