Recap: The X-Files Fan Event

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The X-Files Fan Event
Los Angeles, CA
January 22, 2016
One of the “slides” from the theater screen
I had gotten passes to the X-Files Fan Event being held at The Grove in Los Angeles.  It was listed as a screening of the pilot episode.  A few days before the event, the organizers sent an email reminder and update that we would be seeing the first two episodes and that there would be a special installation near the water fountain in front of the theater.  They also stated Chris Carter would be doing a press event at 1pm the day of the event.
Sign near the theater advertising the event
Back of the crashed UFO at The Grove
I got to The Grove around noon, and saw the big UFO that had “crashed” at The Grove.  They were also doing a social media promotion tweeting out that a spaceship had crashed somewhere in Los Angeles, and to post a selfie with the spaceship to social media and receive a free Sprinkles cupcake (while supplies lasted).  They had red velvet and chocolate flavors available.  I not much of a chocolate fan (I know, I know. It’s weird.) so I got a red velvet cupcake.
Free X-Files decorated Sprinkles cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes
My free cupcake (red velvet)
I was able to check-in for the screening at the UFO site and get a wristband.  I took lots of pictures of the ship and a few of Chris Carter doing his press interviews.  I had a few hours to kill so I went to Barnes and Noble, then I grabbed some lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.
Chris Carter doing press interviews
Chris Carter doing press interviews
I got in line about 2 ½ hours before the screening, and there was quite a long line, well, longer than I expected and I do these a lot.
About 30 minutes before the screening, they started moving groups of us to the theater were they had complimentary popcorn and soda for us.
Before the screening, they told us that we would be seeing the first episode and clips from the second episode, which contradicted the email I received.  They screened two full episodes, after which they told us the second episode we saw will air third (as the third episode of the 6-episode run.)
Cigarette Smoking Man!!
I haven’t seen all of the episodes, but I was really disappointed.  I felt like they were trying to do too much for 6 episodes.  I would rather have a longer season at a normal pace.  What did you think?