“The Brothers Grimsby” Premiere

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The Brothers Grimsby Premiere
Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 2016
Students Dressed as the Dictator

I went to “The Brother Grimsby” premiere in Westwood this past Thursday, and though I’m not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen’s movies, the premiere was a hell of a lot of fun!!  There were three different lines, though, and the priority was for the UCLA students, with some UC Irvine and USC student bussed in for the event.  Sony provided costumes for almost everyone consisting of Sacha Baron Cohen’s four famous characters.  By the time the students were done, and my line was taken in, there were a lot of Borat and Ali G costumes left, but not much of the others.

Ali G Costume station -
Ali G costume station
Borat and Nobby costume stations
Borat and Nobby costume stations
Black Carpet Set up
students getting costumed
Students getting costumed
Student getting Nobby sideburns applied

I chose the Ali G costume because it had long sleeves, and it was getting colder even with the sweater I was wearing.  I was a bit horrified when I saw myself, because I look exactly like one of my brothers.  We’re not exactly close, so I was very disturbed by the resemblance.

Selfie of me as Ali G with my ticket to the premiere
Me, on the black carpet

After we got costumed, we were given our tickets to the premiere screening and escorted to the fan areas around the black carpet.  There was a DJ playing music and hyping up the crowd.  I was really there to see Mark Strong (oh, how I love him!!), and I had an opportunity to chat with him while he signed a poster for the people next to me.  I asked him if he was going to be in Kingsman 2 and he said, “Yes,” and added that they were going to begin shooting in May.  When I asked he did glance at me then took a second look when he realized that I was female. Lol.  He asked, “Who did that to you?”  I responded that it was the studio who dressed us up, and he replied, “You mean you don’t normally go out like that?”  I laughed and said, “NO, I’m horrified.”  Mark’s wife, Liza Marshall was laughing at this exchange.  He wasn’t doing pictures with the fans, which was a shame, but he was incredibly nice.  I should have had a silver Sharpie to and had my ticket signed, oh well.

Mark Strong signing autographs
Mark Strong
Mark Strong
Mark Strong

I was surprised to see Kate Beckinsale and Ernie Hudson there, and I was able to get a few blurry photos of both of them as well as David Harewood.  It was surprising to see Mark Strong do all the crazy things he did in this movie as I\’m so used to him being more “serious,” and I only expected him to be the “straight man” to Sacha Baron Cohen’s “crazy guy.”

Sacha Baron Cohen
“Nobby” aka Sacha Baron Cohen
Isla Fisher taking a selfie with a fan
Isla Fisher
Isla Fisher signing an autograph
Isla Fisher
Ernie Hudson
Ernie Hudson
David Harewood looking quite dapper in a tux
David Harewood
Sacha Baron Cohen talking to the audience before the screening
Addressing the crowd before the screening

It was a really fun premiere with a fun and party atmosphere, and I have a Halloween costume for the future!!