Live with Kelly & Michael After Oscar Show Taping 2016

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Live with Kelly and Michael After Oscar Show 
February 29, 2016
Hollywood, CA
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On this day two weeks ago, I was sitting in the Dolby Theatre for the “Live with Kelly & Michael” Post Oscar show taping. This was the second consecutive year in which I went to the very, very early “taping” of the Live with Kelly & Michael Post Oscar Show at the Dolby Theatre.  I think I got my ticket back in November, possibly, early December, of 2015.  I saw a tweet from 1iota, who handles the ticketing for the show, and immediately grabbed myself a ticket.

My spot in line in the Hollywood Bowl parking lot
My spot in the Priority Line
2:30am – We had to stop in the tunnels heading to the shuttle area.

My check-in time was no later than 3:30am at the Hollywood Bowl parking lot.  I had a priority ticket, which accounts for the early check-in time, but I wanted to get a good seat so I intended on getting there around 1:30.  I think I actually arrived about 1:45-2am, but the priority line wasn’t too long.  Unlike last year, it was quite a bit warmer, though still cool being the middle of the night, so I wasn’t freezing while we stood outside for hours.  They scanned our tickets and gave us wristbands, then they had us walk over to the buses/shuttles where we sat for another 30 minutes to an hour. While I was on the bus, I got a text from a friend who was also there, and on another bus, and I was thinking about trying to catch up with her when we got to the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Waiting on the bus

The buses finally took us to the Hollywood & Highland Center and dropped us off to wait another 20 minutes outside while everyone went through bag check and metal detectors.  We were then placed in lines according to our wristband colors inside the Dolby Theatre’s lobby areas. We waited in the lobby until about 5:30am.  I had decided not to try to find my friend, because being a “single” can work in your favor for getting a better seat, and boy did it!!

A few lines inside the Dolby Theatre Lobby

You can see the view from my initial seat in the Parterre Center section, and a few minutes later, they started pulling my entire row to the Orchestra Left section, but stopped just a few people ahead of me as they had filled that area…except for a few single seats.  I said I was a “single” and they sent me to the second row of the Orchestra Left section, and my new seat was on the center aisle. SCORE!!!  On the ticket, they advise you to dress as if you were going to a nice dinner, to wear bright colors, no white or logos.  I decided to wear a nice bright green dress.

The view from my original seat – it actually is closer than it looks

They started the show a bit early since they go live at 6am, but Brie Larson had to hop on a plane to get back to Vietnam (where she’s shooting Kong: Skull Island) so they pre-taped her segment.  If you saw the show or watch any clips of that interview, the people Brie talks to about her seat were in my row.

View from my new seat in the second row
I\'m in the front row!
I’m in the second row!
L-R: Michael Strahan, Brie Larson, Kelly Ripa
Kelly & Michael talking to the audience during the breaks

Taping this show is a blast even when you’re operating on no sleep.  After the show, the fog had rolled in, but instead of waiting in a very long line to get on the buses back to the Hollywood Bowl, I decided to walk to my car.  My friend managed to get on the first or second bus going out, and we both arrived at the parking lot around the same time.  I bumped into her as we were going to our cars.  She said she saw me on the monitors during the show, and the dress helped.

If you are in the Los Angeles area during the Oscars, I recommend getting the free tickets to the “taping” of this show as the stage is still decorated for the Oscars and it’s gorgeous!

Fifth Harmony performing
Fifth Harmony performed twice
Fashion report
Fashion Report
Kelly and Michael hamming it up for our cameras.
It\’s raining confetti!!
Confetti on my lap