FBF: Godzilla Premiere

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Godzilla Premiere
Hollywood, CA
May 8, 2014
I’ve always loved Godzilla, and grew up watching it because my younger brother was always watching it. (I’ll admit that there was a time when I hated Godzilla, but only because I was sick of having to watch it every weekend.)  I have a few friends who really, really love Godzilla, one of whom had told me over a year before the film’s release that I was to invite him (even though he lives in San Diego) to the premiere if I got passes.  Unfortunately, he notified me a day or so before the premiere that he wasn’t going to be able to go.  Two other Godzilla-loving friends couldn’t go, but then the day before the premiere, one said he could.  I had extra passes so I could bring 3 people, so the Munchkins’ parents both came as well as another friend.
The premiere was being held inside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, and I left work early because I wanted to be able to walk around and take pictures of the setup before having to get in line.
They had special popcorn boxes for the premiere so I ate 2 boxes of popcorn so I could save the boxes for my friend, Chris, in San Diego.  Interestingly, I later won passes to a screening of Godzilla which included an after-party.  We got some swag at that screening which included a Godzilla T-shirt, light sticks with the Godzilla logo, posters, etc.  The friend who went with me to that screening wasn’t a Godzilla fan so she got the shirt in a size to fit Chris for me to give him.
Box of popcorn and my ticket

The premiere was fun, and I really like the movie and I’m impatient for the next one.  If they have a premiere in Los Angeles, I will have to get passes because I don’t think Chris will want to miss a Godzilla premiere again.