Jeremy Renner Panel – SVCC 2016

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Jeremy Renner Panel
Silicon Valley Comic Con
San Jose Convention Center
March 19, 2016
Jeremy Renner smiling
The biggest draw for my initial interest in attending Silicon Valley Comic Con was Jeremy Renner’s appearance.  His panel was before Nathan Fillion’s panel so I was going to have a very busy day (and my camera battery was about dead near the end of the costume contest).
Jeremy Renner
I saw a lot of “press” reporting on Jeremy’s interest in having a Hawkeye series on Netflix, which annoyed me somewhat.  A fan asked a question if he would be interested in a stand alone movie or series.  Jeremy answered that he would and thinks the Netflix format would be good.  It wasn’t answered as something he’s pursuing as much as he’s open to playing the character more, and it doesn’t seem to matter what the project is.
Jeremy Renner
The next day, while waiting in line for the Con Man panel, the people behind me were talking about Jeremy’s answer to a fan question which was how Stephen Amell had said that the Arrow could beat Hawkeye at anything (not just archery).  Jeremy just laughed and said that he was happy that he (Amell) thinks his fictional character could beat another fictional character.  He just left it at that, and one of the ladies behind me thought that Jeremy wasn’t “fun” for saying that.  I didn’t butt in, but I felt (and still feel) that when your first breakout role is playing Jeffrey Dahmer you wouldn’t give much credence to the characters you play.  How else do you stay sane after playing a serial killer, a neo-Nazi skinhead, bank robber, etc.  Jeremy Renner has had some very intense roles so why would he care if one of them could be another actor’s character at anything?   Honestly, I felt his answer was very “safe,” and he did mention that he doesn’t watch TV or movies so he’s not into pop culture in that way.
Jeremy Renner listening carefully to a fan

One girl told him it was her birthday, and Jeremy ran off the stage to give her a hug.  After which, she had a hard time collecting herself to finish asking her question (understandable!!), and Jeremy mentioned he would check IDs for any others saying it’s their birthday.

It was my first time seeing Jeremy Renner at a convention, and I wasn’t disappointed.  He seems very down to earth in a way that’s seems “blue collar” as in hard-working and not being frivolous.  He also has the most adorable giggle.