FBF: Goosebumps Premiere

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Flashback Friday: Goosebumps Premiere
Los Angeles, CA
October 4, 2015
Westwood Village Theatre advertising the premiere
Westwood Village Theatre
I won tickets for the Goosebumps premiere, and was only notified two days prior to the premiere.  I have never read any of the Goosebumps books as they were popular after I had graduated high school.  Since I didn’t have to wait in line to get my tickets, I hung out at the beginning of the red carpet to watch the cast members arrive.
the premiere setup
Street closed for the red carpet
My tickets to the premiere
My tickets!
House decoration on the red carpet
House decoration on the red carpet
Ryan Lee arriving
Ryan Lee arriving
Ryan Lee and Dylan Minnette
L-R: Ryan Lee and Dylan Minnette
Ken Marino surprised by a fan\'s sign
Ken Marino was surprised by this fan\’s sign
Ken Marino signing autographs
Ken Marino
Jack Black brought his two sons, in costumes, to the front of the theater while he did an introduction and gave thanks to various supporters of the film.
Jack Black introduces the film with his sons
Jack Black with his sons.
I really enjoyed the movie, it was fun, and I did jump a few times (that damn bird!!).  Ventriliquist dummies have creeped me out since I saw “Magic” when I was about 7 years old so having one as the primary nemesis of Goosebumps was enough for me.