SVCC: Back To The Future Anniversary Panel

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Back to the Future Anniversary
Silicon Valley Comic Con
San Jose Convention Center
March 19, 2016
Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd
L-R: Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd
There was a lot of confusion regarding the Back to the Future panel because of a $10 fee which appeared on the Silicon Valley Comic Con website about a week or so before the con started (but well after the panel was announced).  I wasn’t sure I was going to go, but ended up buying my ticket for the panel while waiting in my seat prior to Jeremy Renner’s panel.
I won’t go into details of the clusterf*&k the line was to get into the BTTF panel here, but it was a mess.  I did manage to get a pretty good seat once I finally got into the ballroom, though.
Lea Thompson
Lea Thompson
It was great to hear the cast talk about their favorite movie of the trilogy, and how they have a special bond which has lasted 30 years despite not being in touch very often.
I’m really glad I bought the ticket and persevered through the “line” to get in because it was really special to see the cast together.
Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson
I recently discovered that the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles will be hosting a few Back to the Future events during April 2016 and a screening of the original film in June.