SVCC – Costume Contest 2016

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Costume Contest
Silicon Valley Comic Con
San Jose Convention Center
March 19, 2016
Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 - Costume Contest
The costume contest at Silicon Valley Comic Con had over 100 entrants, but there were also a few who didn’t show up so there was some confusion throughout the contest.  I didn’t have a great seat so I couldn’t get good photos of many of the costumes.  I’m posting the decent ones below.  There were some really creative cosplays, and I would have loved to have gotten up close pictures after the contest, but my camera battery was almost dead by the end.
Lady Loki Cosplay
Ghostbuster Cosplay
Belly Dancing Ghostbuster cosplay
Pinky and the Brain Cosplay
Pinky and the (dog) Brain cosplay
Judge Dredd cosplay
Rey cosplay
Civilian Thor cosplay
BB-8 cosplay
Marty McFly cosplay
Harley Quinn and Joker Cosplay
Steampunk Cheshire Cat cosplay
Star Lord cosplay
Addams Family Cousin It cosplay
Poison Ivy with little Cat Woman cosplay
Doctor Who Weeping Angel Cosplay
Lord of the Rings cosplays
Admiral Ackbar cosplay
Pepsi and Mountain Dew suits of armor cosplay
Cersei Lannister cosplay
at-st walker cosplay
AT-ST walker cosplay
BB-8 cosplay
BB-8 Cosplay
Doctor Strange Cosplay
I love this Doctor Strange cosplay.
Costume Contest winners
All of the winners.