I Saw the Light Los Angeles Premiere

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“I Saw The Light” Premiere
Egyptian Theatre
Hollywood, California
March 22, 2016
Tom Hiddleston being interviewed on the red carpet
Tom Hiddleston
I attended the Los Angeles premiere for “I Saw the Light” held at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.  Very few red carpet premieres are held here except for very independent films due to the small size of the theater.
Tom Hiddleston among the press
This picture is unzoomed, and it doesn\’t show how close I was.
Tom Hiddleston was on the red carpet doing press interviews when I was checking in, so I snapped a few, not very good, pictures while I was walking past the red carpet.  I didn’t hang around outside so I didn’t see Elizabeth Olsen arrive.
Tom Hiddleston being interviewed on the red carpet
Tom Hiddleston
Before the film started, the film’s writer/director Marc Abraham spoke to the crowd to thank various supporters as well as introduce Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen.  I was in the third row, so I was very close which isn’t apparent by the photo I took from my seat.
Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleston, and Marc Abraham before the screening
Pictures looks further than it was.

The movie is really bad.  The performances were very well done, but the way the story is told (both script and editing) was a bit choppy.  It was very hard to connect with any of the characters, and the film was too vague on the addictions Hank Williams was dealing with.  The film bores the audience, because it moves so incredibly slow that you feel as if you are watching more than a decade of Hank Williams’ life when, in fact, the film only covers approximately his last 6 years.

Tom Hiddleston being interviewed on the red carpet
Tom Hiddleston
After the film, I was attempting to exit when a man in the upper seats started shouting something somewhat unintelligibly, and I could only catch the last part which was something about him being available if anyone wanted to give him a job.  At this time, Tom Hiddleston was also trying to exit the room and was standing in front of me.  We were only separated by a security man blocking my aisle so that I couldn’t exit while Tom was there.  I ended up walking only a few feet behind Tom Hiddleston, but I didn’t want to bother him as his handlers ushered him out a side door.
Tom Hiddleston being interviewed
Tom Hiddleston
My invitation had also been for the after-party at a restaurant across the street from the theater, but when I got there to check-in I was told that there was a mistake and the party was for cast and crew only.  As I was exiting the restaurant, Elizabeth Olsen stepped out of a SUV to enter the restaurant (she was the only one who was driven the 200 yards to the restaurant), and security cleared a path for her to enter.